Moo after reading and internalising each ode, BOY!!!

Mistress sadie once pointed out how masturbating to her – or him – is the one of the greatest compliments you could pay that person.

True in many ways, though it’s disgusting, all you fat pervs edging and wanking to me. Ewwwwwww!

Something I find even better from a sissy perspective, and every sissy that’s made it to month two of sissy conditioning with me knows – having the sissy randomly moo throughout the day.

Perfecting your moos, oinks, bak coks, neighs etc should be as natural to you as breathing. Both publicly and privately.

I tell them not to worry about what others will think.

Just do it.

It will become a habit you’ll execute throughout the day, more very powerful subliminal sissy conditioning.

Moo after reading each ode to Bhagwati Devi.

Moo while reading books, working in the office.

Moo especially loudly after reading each tip in Sissy Central.

And so forth.

You get the photo, sissy.

Being reduced to an animal and accepting it, extending it further is one of the greatest compliments you can pay not just me, but and more importantly your SISSYDOM, YOU yourself.

Do it.


And that’s that.


Mike Watson

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