Why being and living in lockdowns can be the best thing for a CUCK.

And sissies, and footboys … anyone except real men, really. Hehe.

Us beta sissies love being locked down, for many reasons!

One, obviously is more time to SERVE Madam.

More time spent gazing at, under her soles, and being smacked around and kicked by her as HER irritation rises, and her frustration peaks (rightfully so under these silly lockdowns everywhere globally).

“Press my shoulders, boy!”

“I need cheering up, boy! Buy me something. NOW!”

And so forth.

And if you’re thinking cages and such – well – those work great in terms of fetish, but in real life, I doubt Madam would want to deal with lugging a cage around! Hehe.

Some fantasies are great – temporarily.

But what WOULD work?

Being locked down cock wise!

You probably guessed that

But hey, dont knock the lock until you try it – unless you’re dominant Alpha or a female, in which knocking it, or my pecker and balls encased therein would make me SHOOT all over the place.

Or, sissy -shoot, much like the Master who casually just gave his slave’s long locked cock (admittedly a sexy cock!) ONE firm tug and then stepped back.

Much like the LADY jerked her head back in Sin City Diaries.

I dont want that goo on me … BOY!

And Master had such a lovely erect cut white cock, just looking at it must have made the slave want to spurt!

His locked, sissy load.

And thats another thing only those that have been there and done it will know about.

The WEIGHT Of the cock lock throughout the day. Bearing on you! The ass plug too, if you use it …

Or the SPIKES – either metal or not digging into that penis as soon as erection STARTS. Cucks and sissies dont get fully hard unless they see other males cocks, or feet.

Feet and cocks, feet and cocks … FEET – and COCK – as is mentione din the Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots … BOY!

Thats what turns cucks on.

And sissies, but that metal digging into you?

YOW! Gotta experience it to feel it.

But the best thing, as always isn’t the pain or anything physical.

It’s watching HER strap that key to your manhood around her ankle. OR neck. Whatever she wants!

And dangling it everywhere.

You cant cheat, boy!

And if you could – – even if another girl pulled your pants down – – what would she see?

A locked cock.

No bj, no HJ, no nothing, boy!

Except giggles and she’ll ask you more about your OWNER, boy, which is what your owner wants!

Female power is so sexy! Done right, it literally emasculates me – and YOU – and that, to be honest, for me, is what its alllll about!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up tales of REAL PINKY emasculation right HERE.

PS #2 – Cucks, pick up Cuckold compilations right here. Some great reading material over the holidays. Not that we needed any more lockdowns, hehe, but it is what it is, so might as well make the best of a bad situation! 😉

PPS – Don’t my fellow cucks love PINK? Hehe …

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