This my friend should be the only inspiration you need to get – and ENGAGE IN!!!! (important!) – Sissy Workouts now!

Those ideas that come in on the spur of the moment, truly, judgin by the speed at which pre-orders have as of late picked up on this one, Sissy Workouts is one of our most popular ever – book’s not even out as yet, but soon!

It would have picked up earlier too if I hadn’t forgotten to stop staring at cock and put the order BUTTON in! Duh on that one, all rectified now. Hehe. Thanks to … well, a certain reader who pointed it out …

Anyway, inspiration?

Could be a little lady showing me her kiddie multi colored rainbow hairband, and me saying “oh thats so pretty, so GIRLY, I love it!”

I meant on her, obviously.

“But you’re a man”, she snickered.

I felt so sad. Hehe. Truly!

But anyway, it could be that – appreciating, lovely feminine things for the beautiful things are, appreciating WOMEN, appreciating SISSIES, and COCK of course – and locked sissies (I saw one cute one with a cock that gets tinier by the day – and butt plug in so nicely! So hilarious! Id love to put my tongue on the LINE seperating HER balls, she’s squirm more! ?????? ) (and we know it’s a talented tongue, hehe).

This isn’t about me though, or becoming the perfect sissy – well, it IS about the latter.

And it boils down to this, TALKING a big game is good, but CAN you – I repeat, can you BACK – pun! – it up?

Too many sissies talk on Twitter, everywhere, but in real life, CAN you follow the tips in Sissy CEntral which are mentally guaranteed (some physical tips too) to TRULY turn you into an adorable sissy not just for sissies, but for WOMEN in general?

More importantly, are you physically able to?

There’s a reason the ancient Romans checked out their slaves butts, shoulders and BACK before selling them on the market.

Thats where the true strength – or seat of true strength of a man – or any human being is.

Just ask my fitness friend – he’ll tell you ALL about that.

The English expression, “can you back your shit up”? for one…

And its one thing to talk and many of you truly WANT, but can you – I repeat, looking at what is to come below, the INSPIRATION during my sissy workout today, and I’m good at it anyway – TAKE something like this without working UP to it, pun – to TAKE IT FIRST, and PREPARING YOURSELF?

My, it’s so LONG! ??

So THICK – so perfect! ???Oh – what a PENIS, Sir! 

The way Madam shows her soles, sucks it, his FIREHOSE, the way the lovely HEAD is shown, tapering, or NOT down to the broad THICK HARD MANLY PENIS!

I so love it when a man is resting and relaxed like that – BIG THICK DONG in Madam’s mouth, and she loves it so!

Sissies, take note – to take a cock like that is NOT easy – either in mouth, or hole.

THe nether hole. Hehe.

You have to prepare yourself.

And sex wise, sexually – to get into positions to really please that massive, MASTER dong – or any of the other luscious, suck worthy pretty and beautiful SUCCULENT dongs in Penis Central – you need a certain level of physical fitness to KEEP GOING!

Much like studs need it to please Madam – you , the sissy. its even more important to be EVEN fittter to please your Madam, and her STUD – BOTH!

Not just sexually either, though sexually that fitness will help when you spread the legs WIDE apart for one, REAL WIDE, and in all positions like he likes!

(check out some of them on the Sissy Workouts page!)

But for when she PUNISHES you – like a true slave – can you TAKE IT?

More to the point, when you serve her.

Rubbing those lovely arms, shoulders, BACK – oh my!

THE HEAD MASSAGES- foot massages, you need strong fingers, boy!

And all that is INTEGRAL To being the perfect sissy – not just of your own dreams – but HERS, theirs.


And thats the entire point, to SERVE – as they like it, any other way would be wrong, and you’d be a hypocritical sissy to do it just for you – that aint the real spirit.

Without further ado then, Every budding sissy – DROP what you’re doing right now (if you’re serving her kiss her feet and beg for permission, she will grant it if you tell her why – if you’re sucking dick, same thing – or do it WHILE – but DO IT NOW!) – and place your pre-order for Sissy Workouts – NOW.

And thats that.

Truly the PINNACLE Of sissydom!


Mike Watson

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