More on VIBES …

Dear Reader,

Boy has it been a good morning until now or what – and it’s not even 10 A.M. as of the time of writing this!

I met up with a new customer in person this morning – doing biz of a most decidedly NON erotic nature – and yet biz that is very close to my heart for many reasons, and one of the things my customer spoke about was this.

When I saw your Facebook post, I instantly felt good vibes, and contacted you! 

And it isnt just the fact he said that -its HOW he said it – and looking into his eyes, I could tell exactly what he meant.

Hey – I’ve written about it so much in all my books, writings and blog posts- and emails – that I should really include it as my signature, but here it is again, my friend.

We truly do attract what we think about at the deepest levels – and can never quite get away from who we REALLY are!

It’s all about vibes – – and a couple of days, a lady added me on Wechat.

Nothing out of the ordinary for me of course, and being I was promoting (again) a biz of a non-erotic nature (nothing to do with BDSM) I thought nothing of the add.

Yesterday, I wrote a post on “Pay to Play” – a post which proved quite popular, and once I had a bit of spare time, I browsed through my wechat list.

And there it was – the add I had skipped over earlier, and I took one look at the profile picture, and I was HOOKED – because of the sheer vibe coming off it.

Now, readers will recall that THIS was exactly how I met the lovely Princess Joanie last year – coincidentally, probably around the same DATE too – – and this is exactly how a lot of my interactions with the lovely Chinese ladies I so admire and worship started.

But in this case, I couldn’t see the lady’s face – or her eyes. Her profile picture didn’t have it – and yet – there was such a strong DOMINANT vibe coming off her post that I added her, and …

Well – long story short – she was having trouble paying her credit card bill.

And she agreed that men, by and large, are animals – and much more – and all this just within minutes of “meeting” her.

And more …

While her brazen honesty is something I greatly admire and something that turns me on immensely, I am taking it slow – for once!

I don’t really know the lady that well as yet, and though the urge to proceed in the same vein was GREAT – I’ll let it “simmer” for a few days before deciding what to buy this lovely – and again, coincidence??- lady from Hunan province, no less!

Princess Joanie was from Hunan. Madam Pearl was from Hunan. Aa Ling was from Hunan (if I recall correctly). And so forth.

By and large Hunan province in China has been my favorite part of the country – both to visit – and because of the spicy food (something Anya asked me about ) – and also because of the lovely girls there – again, something Anya asked me about!

And if after reading all this you still believe it’s coincidence, well, have at!

Can’t preach to those who don’t want to open their minds – but for those of you that DO – well – you know what I BE talking about!

And for those of you currently having trouble with attracting the Dominant lady of your dreams – well – your VIBES are likely what is holding you back my friend.

Along with that, there are plenty of more things you need to consider – all outlined HERE for you in an easy to read and FOLLOW (;)) format – –

Ok, my friend. That is IT for today. I’ll be back later!


Mike Watson

P.S. – While I don’t know if I’ll be paying Princess’s credit card bill – as yet 😉 – I do know she attracts me immensely. I’ll keep y’all posted – but in terms of Princess Joanie, you ask? And how THAT went – well – the results are right HERE, hehe – –


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