Paye Lagu, Princess Sherry! You were (are) so PERFECT!

Well, first of all, a very happy and bonny Thanksgiving to all no matter which part of the globe you may be residing in, or which pair of feet you may be worshipping! 😉

Or getting worshipped. 😉

Or, which cock you’re sucking or getting sucked!

A very happy THANKSGIVING to everyone out there – and if you haven’t already made use of the BLACKCOCK 30% coupon (valid until Dec 2, or maybe 1 given the demand), well, do so NOW.

Truly a “bargain deal” ..

But anyway, I was writing another book.

Not fetish related.

And Pooja Madam sprung into my mind.

That oh so perfect height, that petite yet (ravaged by age) STERN face, that stenoterain BOOMING voice of hers, that OH SO DOMINANT attitude … and of course, her lovely brown calves and feet!

Paye Lagu Madam!

Which belie her age, actually.

And even the rolls of fat washing over her belly in swathes are to me worship worthy.

She’s a woman.

So she’s worship worthy no matter what, boy!

And so it should be for you too!

And Princess Sherry is another lady I want to say Paye Lagu to right about now … and kiss her feet, and grovel for more of the same she gave me!

Now, from a business perspective she was plain wrong, but was it ever really just “that sort of business” ?

I believe subconsciously she picked up on the submissive vibe, and thinking about it, I subconsciously picked up her “screw men over” DOMINANT vibe!

Two quotes stand out.

“You need to pay up NOW, boy! You can’t be stressing me so much at this point!”

(for a perfectly legit request on my part, hehe).

“I have nothing to say to you, you idiot!”

And OK, she didnt say “idiot” or “boy”. But the tone of her voice – sometimes words aren’t necessary!

Princess Sophia, her of the soulmate was the one who routinely called me an “idiot” and “cuckold” while “respecting everyone else” because … according to her “I let her do it”!

Do I let her? Or does she do it? Or is it both?

And Sherry was just a Goddess overall. Probably still is.

Older lady, nothing great to look at you’d think.

But for me, she was a Goddess au extraordinnaire, and despite the immesne stress she put ME through, I’ve got nothing but grovely good words to say about her, and I hope she takes my money sometime in the future again!


So did Madam Pearl, who once famouly took “an old man’s iPhone” and then deleted him off her list, and never spoke to him again.

In a giggly manner she told me.

“I used him for what I could!”

And that the crux, really.

Women should use men for all they’re worth and for their benefit, and that alone!

And on that note, I’m out. Enjoy the turkey, and make sure to do the dishes later, boys!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the Submissive Musings Compilation right here. Princess Sherry is the heroine of #2, and very rightfully so! 😉

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