Madam should never, EVER be bodyshamed!

Just reading news about how Madam Mayanti Langer, if I have the name right – was body shamed for not wearing the right trousers, bottoms or some such bS during a cricket match in India. Same sort of bs when people say she’s too fat or whatever. Or too old.

What BS!

She’s such a Queen and GODDESS, I’ve written about her before. And its female imperfections that they’re confident about, don’t care – that makes their dominance, innate – all the more attractive!

Amen. So wish I could kiss Madams feet personally and apologize tho I’m not responsible!

Alweys about vibe.

And those feet, MY!

When will people get it!??

Probably never.

Women are queens my friend regardless of all that. Vibe counts.

And if you don’t understand what I’m saying you never will. Pointless repeatedly preaching to the wilfully uninitiated.

I’m glad to make a real difference to this mission via this site. Heartfelt like me.

And I’ll never apologize for it and neither should she. As she already knows, hehe.

Show some support to the femdom movement by picking up some books NOW and leaving some very well deserved heartfelt reviews.

And thats that!



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