“Fur Fur”, manly tummies and more!

Ever notice how some big tummies are so manly, so sexy?

Not Glyn Bozo’s – that guy, just ugh,

But even he’s got his own use, his purpose in life, one which is … well, here.

But those big tummies, with big manly FARTS muah! and big huge dicks hanging out – sometimes, even fat guys have big dicks!

Or, even regular dicks, it’s just so manly, dont you agree? Muah! ??

Of course slim guys with the dicks mentioned in Penis Central – there is never, any, NO comparison to the two, but still, reminds me of the many times I was fat – and women just loved it even more.

“getting fat together”, or ladies getting fat when happy – Madam Carol, as mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainand” …

Or the ex who once told me to get counseling for my fetishes, then said “I love snuggling up to my BEAR, fur fur!”

As Sophia Ma’am said, I’ve got hair on my body, but not too much. Hehe. The right amount.

And women love that as well … for the most part, unless you’re a true blue sissy in which case, well, the rules are easy on that one and CLEARLY spelt out, sissy, you better follow or else!

Speaking of which some of you sissies on this list are still being cheapsasses and not getting the books above – why is that?

If you want something GOOD, you do what it takes to get it – part of that involves lifting one probably very lazy buttcheek up and pulling out that WALLET, and GETTING IT …

Anyway – that aside (dont get if if you dont want, your loss is the way I see it, these are world famous, one of a kind books and manuals) …

This evening I saw a sissy – she has a huge dick. Not surprising there, many do.

But the body is so feminine, I had to say “keep that thing locked up, sissy!”

Lots of people want her dick pics, I dont blame them either.

And her pubic hair, one look at it, and …

“Even that pubic hair just looks so womanly, I am trying to imagine it with a big cock (although cock is right THERE, and quite substantial amounts  of it – but I can’t!”

Public hair, dense pubic hair –Master Wang could tell you ALL About that!

But this was equally dense, and heading “downward”, and you can almost see not a dong, but a real pussy there!

I dont know, it’s just different – more feminine, she (sissy) has done a great job so far of turning into a real sissy!

And she’d probably do a hell of a lot better if she followed ALL the tips laid out in Sissy Central – and so would you, budding sissies on this list, so if you haven’t already get this book now – you’ll learn – a HECK of a lot!

That I’ll tell you, my friend.

That I’ll tell you!

I’ll be back – pun!


Mike Watson “ole Watto”

PS – As a sissy, I sometimes SO love kissing them big tummies all over! Muah ? and the FUR, of course… so MANLY! Yum!!

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