Hot splashes of CUM …

And as I sit here, thinking about it, a surge of pure lust passes through me.

As I sit here thinking about the sissygasm last night. Two in a row, which I rarely have, but such is the spell my dear Princess Tina has woven over me, that I can’t help it!

And she knows it, of course.

She KNOWS how I achieved it too! ? She’s not back as yet from holiday, but will be tomorrow, and I’m sur ewe’ll talk more about it later. Hehe.

But yeah. Back to sissygasm #2.

ALL I did was finger in and out last night. Although I normally “am in the mood” first, I decided to NOT be in the mood, and just “relieve” myself of sissy, pent up cum

After all, as Madam so rightly said, sissies don’t have release for PLEASURE! That’s reserved for the big beautiful REAL man cocks that either dangle in front of you invitingly or bob up and down, the long shafts and swords inviting, and the HEAD of the cock so beautiful and angled just RIGHT …

That colored head, as I wrote about, those long BLACK COCKS from true black GODS!

This guy that I recently saw posted a picture of his dick on Twitter, and I think he’s a straight male dom. Not sure, but that’s what I think he is, and one look at his cock??

Oh …. BOY! Sissy paradise to be honest!

And I’ll see if I can find the short picture he posted, but the cock was swinging back and forth, and as my finger back and forth, the familiar urge to pee came over me.

And I pissed cum all over myself, possibly even MORE so than last night, and it WAS HOT.

Trickling down the sides of my thighs. On to the bed.

The sheets have been washed, but the cloth I used, the “dusty cloth” I use to collect my useless ejaculate is still wet (damp) … hours later!

And it wasn’t just the cock that inspired the sissygasm. It was more a pair of feet actually.

A lady on Twitter I saw the other day, and I can’t remember her name, but it was about her posts on findom (and she does it right, I must say!). ?

And her LONG soles (remember why I love those!! ?) inspired another sissygasm, not necessarily because they were beautiful or she was (both are true, but it’s something else!).

And TRUE femdom lovers and those that get it will KNOW.

It was the MINDSET.

The look in the eye.

And of course, the words written so beautifully on her bare soles … LOSER!

And more, which I didn’t read.

I didn’t need to!

The look in her eye said it all.

She’s a pure GODDESS, just like lovely Goddess Tina is!

All women have a Goddess within them waiting to come out … BOY!

Whether or not YOU allow it to appear is up to you as a male slave.

And once you go the femdom/cuck route … let me tell you one thing.



Mike Watson

PS – That was a lovely, lovely cock indeed! Long, hard, Master with the right attitude (a black GOD, actually!) and I’d worship a cock like that all day long if I could. In fact, I’d do it just as I teach in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots!

PS #2 – “Jerome”, Madam Su’s boyfriend had a cock EXACTLY like this which he used to bounce off my nose as I wrote about – maybe those are the memories it brought back. AH, Madam Su. I wonder where she is these days!!! ?

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