“Dont just look at her feet! Look at the whole GIRL!”

A S.O. of mine, who used to keep complaining about my fetishes once said that.

She’s right to a degree…

It’s not just about feet, it’s about HER.

But, to a cuck and foot fetishist – and if you’re a REAL femdom lover, boy!?

You KNOW – that as soon as you see a woman, dominant or not, your gaze goes to HER FEET!

Then anything else.

You might think ass, soles, cock, all that – but her feet – and lower legs is what its about right off the bat!

THAT is what does it, because (if) you’re well and truly conditioned to be BELOW her, then that is where it all starts!

As it did with Madam Priyanka, of course, as Serving an Indian Goddess gets translated into Spanish – here is yet another lovely note from the translator/reader (in addition to the reviews he wrote before) –

Once more I’ve finished the final translation of the first part of the trilogy! I enjoyed writting every word, feeling the right emotions blend the more deeper I submerged into the novel, you have a good eye and sense talking about these topics I must say. So at last it can be shared in the spanish format to everyone. Thank you again for the opportunity

He’s right – I DO have a good eye.

“You have good taste in girls, boy!” (And, as Carol once said – “a good eye for girls!” – since I noticed Madam didnt shave her arms once … Hehe) I noticed the tiny hairs…

I’ve been told that SO often, hehe. And it’s true!

But anyway, sure, her mind matters – and SHE matters, but if she’s using her mind right?

Then the foot transmutes her DOMINANCE!

It’s the way she PLACES her feet, how she cares for them – it is something that cannot be TAUGHT – it happens ON THE SPUR!

But you can attract it, yes, but to bring true dominance OUT – you have to be “you”.

And when girls are just that – “them” – then the true dominance emerges – if you can see it.

More – when it comes to femdom?

I mean, to be honest, seeing “just the foot” makes even the ugliest of women SO attractive because it’s all about the mind!

And as it’s almost midnight here, I better stop this here – I’m about to lop off, but I gotta say what I just did, and ..

Paye Lagu, Madam!

Your FEET and SOLES ar ewhere it;s all started for me, and where it should start for any serious femdom lover!


Mike Watson

PS – Where will it END? Only time will tell, hehe. And as I edit this a year or so (more) later, I gotta say – we DO look at the whole girl, but it all starts with the vibe, the dominance truly makes one look DOWN too! Period! No pun!

I so wish more people would GET this… unfortunately not everyone does- oh well, their “loss”. hehe.

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