Perfect Pooja Memsahib JI, and why she’s so deliciously dominant!

Actually, I should say she IS deliciously dominant. Not why! 😉

And what do I mean by this?

Well, she’s EVEN more dominant naturally then some of the other ladies I’ve been with – Princess Joanie being one notable exception, of course.

And the venerable and lovely Ms. Priyanka, she who FIRST introduced me to being “fucked in the ass” royally by two black studs at that, and I was NOT prepared for it. . .

I advise in the book on cuckolding to work up to it both mentally and physically, and the aftemath of what I felt after being BRUTALIZED by those mammoth long black, coal black dongs … well, lets just say it taught me a lot, and I want to teach you, the prospective cuck too, without having to go through what I went through!

(which is the reason for all the courses on the site anyway. The books are – well – reality mixed in with MORE than a dab of creative license).

(and those were lovely dongs, by the way! it was just my first sissy time …)

Actually, no, hehe.

It’s more reality than you’d think.

Perhaps creativity blended in with REALITY!

And as Pooja Memsahib, hot and tired and sweaty yells at her customers outside to “come and buy”, I was reminded of what other women said about her.

She’s so bossy!!

she FORCES things on you!

She makes you buy it anyway, so I never go near her!

And of course, she sold everything at WAY higher prices than normal …

(she sold vegetables).

And while all of this may or may not be good business wise, guess what.

It’s definitely why she’s such a dominant force of Nature – naturally – and why my loins quiver at the mere SOUND of her voice.

It’s also a testament to the fact that AGE does NOT matter!

Again, and I never grow weary of saying it.

It’s abotu the mind!!

Princess Joanie was 25.

Pooja Memsahib … JI! Is more than 55.

But they are both so PERFECT!

Whose more dominant!

Tough call.

I’d say Pooja, but Joanie would whack me in theballs if I said that, and if I dared to even bring up Joanie with Pooja, she’d ensure I have no balls left!

And being my balls are what make me a good cuck (smashed, kicked, and NOT worshipped, hehe) … I think I’ll let them be caged for now!

Unless, of course, I go the whole humpty like I said I’d do in the Sequel to “serving an Indian Goddess”.

The last Chapter truly does leave open UNLIMITED sissy possibilities, and when you read, you will KNOW what I mean!

All for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up our tales of Indian femdom right HERE.

PS #2 – Other than Ms. Priyanka, is there ANY other Indian lady I’ve written about so much other than perfect Madam Pooja Memsahib … JI? I think NOT!

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