Color contrasts, dicks and more. .

Color contrasts, dicks and more ,- man,!

Opposites attract eh.

For me of course, never about color alone.

But as I see that beautiful white cock head, all that was shown, shooting on a lovely female Dark skinned Sri Lankan young face, cum splattered all over her, a few thoughts.

That would alone would be most for most guys. .

For me tho. It’s less!

The cock wasn’t being worshipped near as much as it should have. Guy was cumming with his own hand – huge nono!

Madam should really lick, flick and sucj a lot more. Pay attention to the per hole, the magnificent HEAD, the corona!

Maybe i need to tutor her on cock worship. Truly, guys know what guys feel, need and want the most!

Ball worship, a finger in ass, kissing the SHAFT. All was missing. She’s one of those gals that doesn’t really enjoy bjs. A lot do, despite the hype about “most girls don’t really like sucking dick”. Oh yes they DO if you do things right.


We’ll soon be on porn channels too. Stay tuned!

For now, for the premier in cock worship, the Penis Compilation is your baby.

And that’s that! (Or you could get both courses individually).



PS – Soles – color contrasts so apply there too!


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