The lovely debate about “if I’m manly enough or not”. Hehe.

Now, those that have met me in person – that wouldn’t ever be a question. hehe.

But as I take my sissy lifestyle to new limits altogether every day, one of the things I keep asking women – and specifically a lady I met by chance the other day…

“Ma’am, am I manly enough for …. ”

For obviously, well, talking to other girls, should I talk to them, and so forth, and while Madam was indeed initially non plussed by the initial questions, I believe she caught on in part soon. Heh.

“You have such nice face!” she kept saying, before “Sorry, Sir, I’m married. I not the right one to ask this!” 

I then assured Madam repeatedly I’d NEVER dare, or even want to be her boyfriend, which is why I was asking that question.

Madam, of course, didnt agree. She giggled away knowingly…

But the cardinal question, manly men, and what makes them manly?

I still remember my mother growing up referring to other males (actors, mostly) as “sooooooooo manly” – a comment her husband laughed off as “she’ll never live that down”, but I wonder if he ever thought anything of it – I suspect he did, of course, in the Nazi feminist to an extreme (and that ain’t a good thing for kids, trust me, feminism is one thing, goose and gander and CONSENSUAL BDSM amongst adults is one thing, not “my way or the highway” literally – that just never works) environment which he for whatever reason helped create and facilitate, he’s never really had any sort of voice in that regard.

But anyway – mustaches?

I’ve always liked (not that way) mustaches on men, though I’ve never in my life had one myself.

Or, other things, like Madam Rachna would say about some male actors… Hehe.

Anyway, as I stare at Pooja Memsahib’s sole that showed itself SO well (Madam stares a hole through me, and I stare at the ground – quite unlike me in real life, hehe – but thats what happens in real life too!! with her) …

… this question begets, for you.

“Am I manly enough”? 

Y’all write back – let me know!

Of course, you might want to read this one before you do –  Paula was dead on spot on right as always!

And thats that.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – Dont forget to pick up “25 Odes to Pooja Memsahib … JI!” while you’re at it, it will warm you up for the two award winning BOOKS.

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