The soles were talking to me …

Dear reader,

Often times I state in my books (most recently, “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant”) that if you’re massing her feet from a submissive standpoint, her soles should eventually start to “talk to you”.

What do I mean?

Well, I don’t mean they develop a voice of their own, of course. Quite the contrary – they’ll remain silent, but they’ll talk all right while staring you imperiously right in the face, just the lady herself.

I’ve always maintained that foot massage isn’t a one size fits all for ladies in general. It all depends upon what type of footwear she’s wearing – how her day went – her foot size – shape – and her general preferences as well.

If she’s wearing high heels, chances are you’ll need to focus upon the balls of her feet more as opposed to the entire foot, though that deserves attention. And if she’s been wearing tennis shoes, rub her soles a few times with your bare hand after taking her shoes and socks off – if just to wipe away the grime.

Trust me, it’s indeed an amazing feeling to have that done to you after your feet having been “shod” all day long!

I still remember one particular instance in which I was massaging my (then) girlfriend’s feet, and she feel asleep about 5 minutes into the massage (about the same minute as I was applying more lotion).

And though I’d have loved to continue talking to her, I didnt wake her up. I continued “pressing her feet” as she slept, the occasional snore punctuating the darkness, but was I alone?

No – her soles were talking to me, and as I kneaded, ever so gently so as to not wake her but also keep a relaxing pressure up, the soles seemed to relax themselves, and smile “dominantly” at me if you get my drift.

The color on the balls changed from an angry “pink” to a lighter hue. I felt the muscles along the arches relax. And so forth.

And any true male sub reading this will know what I’m talking about!

Anyway, I recently decided to put together these and other related “musings” into a concise format, those being a newsletter – not quite sure as of yet if it’ll be a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter but we’ll see.

If you are a regular Mike Watson reader, you’ll enjoy these newsletters. ALL of them will have a central theme – and a “heroine” of the piece – usually a lady I’ve been fortunate enough to have met and been with (and have probably mentioned to a degree in my other writings as well).

In that vein, then, Volume ONE is finally out – – and the lovely, commanding and imperious Madam Pearl is the “star” attraction.

Check it out right HERE if you’re interested! – –


Mike Watson

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