Why can’t I cross my legs? They’re so long!

Or, as PERFECT Madam Miya just told me!

“What can’t I cross, boy!”

(She posted on her WeChat moments too).

“My legs!”, she giggled.

And a GODDESS like picture of her LEGS, and stockinged FEET!

I’d DIE to lick the sweat off those stocking, Madam JI!

She’s Chinese, but I called her JI anyway!

And those long legs?

I’ve always been a leg man, and I suspect most of you femdom lovers too!


Those are great?

But again, there is too much pressure on women to be “bodacious”.

Once they are, men complain about them being “fat”.

A girl can’t win for losing …

… But she CAN with the right sub in her life, hehe.

I never tire of complimenting women – why?

Because they’re so gorgeous, all of them!

But here’s the thing my friend.

If you’re expecting those hollow “Madam you’re so beautiful or even dumber “Can I be your slave” remarks to cut the mustard, well, you’re in for a rude and sad awakening, and youre well and truly SADLY mistaken.

That is NOT the way to go about it.

Compliments need to be GENUINE.

From the heart.

Or she’ll see right through it.

And no, just saying “what she wants” to hear ain’t it either.

What she REALLY wants is!

And on that note, be sure and pick up the Complete GUIDE on ATTRACTING (effortlessly) dominant women from the Chinese mainland, and anywhere else.

Truly the BEST!


Mike Watson

PS – YUS! (or yes, hehe).

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