“Because Madam Josie is just so PERFECT . . . . “

So, I couldn’t sleep well this morning. Couldn’t sleep until late, actually, as I normally do . . .

And why is that?

Well, because of a certain older lady I’ve known for years. Josie.

Or, perfect Madam Josie I should say!

Or, Goddess Josie as I refer to her!

In various pictures that I’ve seen of her over the years (I have not met her as of now!) she looks increasingly and more and more gorgeous.

And three things stand out.

The eyes. That LOOK in the eye she has – – sheer, utter and pure dominance!

“Madam, how’s the wine these days” I asked her. “Still painting your nails red and drinking red wine?”

She giggled.

“How do you know?”

“Well, it’s a fan job to keep up with his Goddess, isn’t it?” I giggled back.

Yes, I felt like giggling, so dizzy headed is this lady making up. I tossed and turned for hours thinking about those lovely NAILS of hers, and of course the legs, and lips, usually all painted a BRIGHT SHADE OF RED!

Bright red! Oh my – and I’ll write more on that later lest I get sidetracked.

Which I already have, of course.

And, where was I?

Oh. The second thing, the legs. Not thing. Not skinny like with many Chinese girls. But REAL legs, a REAL woman, and lovely, “bodacious” (voluptuous!) things that drive me crazy with sheer lust every time I look at ‘em, and yet, would I actually do anything?

Not much I’d say other than drop down and keep flattering madam!

As she said upon the repeated praise.

“I’m flattered! Thank you!”

My response?

“Well, I’m more flattered! But it’s my job to praise and flatter you anyway, and honest praise at that!”

She grinned back. Thrice.

“yes, no?” I asked. “Maybe?” I queried, giggling.

Like a true CUCK! ?

Words weren’t necessary of course, and back to #3, and perhaps the most important, her NAILS.

Her lovely nails, and the minute I see them, I see her fingers commanding me to do the housework.

Take out the trash, boy!

OFF with you, boy! I’m talking to my boyfriend!

All accompanied by that oh so sexy “wag” of the forefinger if you get my drift! Oh BOY! ?

And I’ll write more on this later, as well as the color.

For now, I’m back to talking to perfect Madam Josies. She’s thrown my brain into a tizzy, that’s for damn sure! Hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can read about more tales of femdom from ladies just as gorgeous – Mike Watson’s tales of Chinese femdom.

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