Barefoot and in the kitchen, bitch!

Chop chop!

That Indian dame i wrote about this morning who I see walking barefoot in the horrible grime and terrible Indian roads – my!

As I saw her in a red saroli I was reminded of so many maids I’ve written odes to.

Yet, like Madam Carol in A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland Chinese these poor yet extremely dominant ladies with me?

Turned submissive at some point without me even consciously telling them to.

The natural order…with me!

And true tales in the book above, not just Carol but others too.


Not just because I can ? switch effortless between extremes and have been there done that.

My vibes, the way I practice orgasm control in a manner literally noone, even ancient Indian sadhus and babas haven’t quite figured out just attract all this to me.

Looking at her, thinking of the bitch in the kitchen, me slapping, humiliating her, making her know her PLACE – her whole family, serfs and NOTHING else. My!

Making her feed me beer, massage me, stand at attention while I relax and eat, truly like the Emperor Paula says I am!

Your majesty the Emperor the giesha girl calls me. Hehe. Despite being dominant most of the time.

Submit, my friend.

Both males and females do to me on auto pilot. I get what I want without exception naturally.

And if you want to learn my secrets, start by investing in the courses above, but not just those.

You really need to buy ALL you can to get max benefit.

Exclusive, only for truly serious folks and that’s that bitch,!

Dominantly yours –


Mike Watson

PS – pardon the typos, bitch. Typing this on a phone while she’s – video to come for one lucky bitch – staring at nothing but my soft pampered soles.

Getting my feet massaged, making money and drinking some cold beer.

Life’s good, boy!

I still remember what a rush it was for Mistress Sadie to call me her bitch – for both of us!

I know it’s a rush for you too, but I don’t come or play cheap, no pun. Hehe.

If you’re interested in custom domination and more, respond to this email.

And that’s that!

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