Vanya, Tanya, Sophia – and MORE – they all thank me – for the LAUGHS! Hehe. And giggles.

Especially the giggles.

The Trinity, or the Holy trinity of Madams is what it sounds like, but let me back up – no pun intended, hehe.

So this morning, I completed some business – I’m currently in the process of selling some wechat groups I own.

Specifically, the employment groups – and while people have been making me offers for MONTHS (remember, these groups are literally the best and only one of their kind in my area where rules are very strictly enforced, THEREFORE keeping it a better and more productive place for ALL) … and a couple of networking groups I have.

All decidedly non fetish, the fetish group, that was sold off in 2015!

And the group hasn’t gone anywhere at all after I left it, unfortuantely.

Sad when that happens, and so NOW, this time (And worse – sometimes, Bozos like Schofield turn Wechat groups – great ones into nasty, porn spamming groups as well) … I’m being selective in terms of who or if I even give it away – or sell it.

It ain’t about the dough to me.

If it was, I’d have done sold a long time ago.

It’s about the group, the people in it, what is truly best for the group!

Thats how I conduct business – and LIFE.

There’s more things than just money friend.

Unless you are a Chinese lady, of course, Paye Lagu, Madam, Ji!

Anyway, a certain Vanya or “Wan Ya” as her name said – for a minute there, I wasn’t sure if Madam was Chinese!

I got several “audios” out of the blue, all captioned “audio” – Madam was trying to send audio, I bet. Hehe. (maybe she didnt know how to)

Then she figured it out, and …

A cute, sexy – giggly – I loved that! – and obviously non native English “trying hard to be native” and “almost succeeding but not quite” voice

I loved it from the get go. Hehe.


But she was a real nice lady, actually.

First, she thanked me for letting her be in the group (which I appreciate, I wasn’t even in the know that she was IN THERE i.e. did I add her? I dont know!)

Second, she mentioned the english.

“Sorry for the accent”, she giggled. “I’m from Serbia!”

And to think I’m about to – or planning on – show up in Ukraine soon.

Why? Well, thats a secret, but they got the most gorgeous girls there too!

Anyway, she is a real nice girl.

I told her the English was very cute, then asked her what her name was.

“Vanya”, or the Chinese version she had, and she told me the former. Hehe. 

“Like, you know”, she giggled away. 

“Vanya, Tanya, Sophia”, you know.

SO CUTE. Hehe.

Women are just so cute, so sexy, so damn attractive, just for being WOMEN!


That aside, she thanked me for the work I do – all the work I did for the group.

“Even if I joined it to find a job, I stayed in it to laugh at what the others were, all together!”

She’s right.

There’s some nuts posting a lot of crap in the group – they get removed, but not without hearing my acberic comments – which of course spark a ton of discussion. Hehe.

And … she loved that!

It’s a great group – uber professional.

I’ve worked at it for years.

Linda, a lady that wanted to buy it before and I didnt sell told me the following.

“It’s a pity you’ll give it up! A group like that takes a lot of work and effort!” 

She meant dedication.

She is right.

I either do it right, big time – or not at all.

(Ditto for THIS SITE. )

And, Linda might yet buy it, I dont know, but the terms will have to be clear and agreed to, and then, and only then will I sell, if at all.

Anyway, Madam Vanya – thank you for your appreciation!

And I mean that.

Way too people appreciate the value of real work, what people do for a living – there’s way more Bozos that do nothing with their lives other than sit and troll and get fatter by the day – than people that work to create businesses despite all odds, and succeed! (eventually).

And appreciation is rare these days.

“No, you fool!” 

I can still hear it. Hehe.

And that was Princess Sophia, not the Sophia Vanya mentioned it. Hehe.

I’m so appreciative to her for saying that, as I am to Madam Yiyi for saying.

“You’re so stupid!”

(after first calling me smart, great at analysis or what not).


It’s great to be appreciated that way too!

But the laughs, the laughs, and giving trinities of women laughs?

Brings to mind Serving an Indian Goddess – part two, and then at the end!Hehe.

And of course, the entire Madam Carrie series.

Nothing like 3 when it comes to giving women laughs, and the 4 being me, of course. Hehe. Magic number!

And even if the laughs were not fetish related, well, all counts!

Making these lovely ladies smile and giggle is what its about.

On that note, I’m out.

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!

You make it all SO WORTH IT!


Mike Watson

PS – One group I’m definitely not giving up ? And thats worth its weight in GOLD , several times over – and THEN SOME??

This one right HERE

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