“A girl cant just press her foot”

“Why not? Queens have servants to press for them, don’t they? Like servants, maybe … *shy*” …

Followed by a picture of HER in a swimsuit, showing her back, legs and of course FEET, and looking gorgeous, despite her two kids trailing along.

“The one you’re talking to won’t be jealous, wont she?”

Bear mind in all this is being translated from Chinese to English. I’m typing verbatim, hence the crazy English …. But, wait!

Let me back up. I never did tell you the story, did it?

Okay, here goes (oh, and Madam is 29 and no, despite people often telling me in a mocking manner “you prefer older ladies” – age does NOT matter when it comes to TRUE femdom!).

Actually, they’re right. Often times I prefer older women, simply because they’re more confident and naturally DOMINEERING (Think Madam Jojo!) … but that doesn’t mean I have an age barrier to whom I talk to, or potentially have the chance (privilege!) to serve.

Princess Joanie was all of 22 years of age, and I’ve dedicated not one, but THREE books to her, and that alone should tell you a TOME, my friend.

And back to the story – – a girl added me out of the blue on WeChat today.

That probably sounds familiar to those of you on my list as well as those of you that read my stories hehe. We attract without even trying … and we attract effortlessly that which we really, really want and know we can get anyway, and therefore get MORE of, and femdom is no exception to this rule!

And she’s Miss Xie Wangyun– or “Miss Xie”, as I’ve been calling her!

This 29 year old beauty likes to wear high heels and shop for wine. No surprises there, hehe.

And as I asked her (after she sent me a picture of her doing just what I mentioned above) if her feet hurt, the above conversation ensured before she giggled and said she was used to it.

There is more, and I’ll reveal more later (including the part where I offered to buy her wine – – but didn’t say it directly as yet! Madam Andy, anyone??), but for now …

… Feet, for whatever reason can be a giggly and “delicate” topic for many girls, but especially those in China, my friend.

For whatever reason I’ve found that girls in China will willingly send you pictures if they like you – sometimes even n-ood-es if you get my drift, hehe, but when it comes to feet?

They’re ALL shy, and even Princess Joanie was at the start, but on the other hand, see their wechat moments (walls) and they’re usually choc-a-bloc full with pictures of makeup – – of their hands and FEET mostly!

They KNOW their feet are attractive, and they KNOW when a man asks about their feet – there is a reason!

And it’s not so much being a loser as some girls in the West, perhaps might say outright (and they wouldn’t necessarily be wrong!;)).

Its about them really knowing what gets a submissive male ticking – – and knowing subconsciously that they added the RIGHT person (in this case). And knowing, of course, that said male will SOON be at heel – one way or the other!

And that’s how it should be for true female dominance, my friend, and that’s why mainland China is the best place to be for said brand of dominance!

From Madam Carol (why you want see my feet!) to Ms. Sophia (I have strong feet! Not elegant!) to Princess Sophia Bai (my feet are ugly!!) … they ALL know … and KNEW … and that’s one invaluable tip that if implemented right (note – I mean do it RIGHT) will get you more femdom than you even imagined possible without even trying!

And on that note, I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Madam is sleeping now, and I figured I’d take the time to write to you. She said “Cai Xukun” will get me if I don’t, and I have NO idea who that is (or even what, hehe). If you do, by all means, please do let me know!

P.S #2 – If you’re a foot fetishist, you’ll nigh ENJOY the tales I have to relate when it comes to mainland Chinese women. Is it any wonder then that the sales graph just keeps RISING on Amazon? Hehe … Go ahead and grab a few of my books right here – and let me know how you like ‘em –  honest reviews always appreciated!

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