I almost – literally – REACHED THROUGH MY COMPUTER SCREEN TO CUP, and REVERE and worship those FEET – MY! WHAT DOMINANCE. INNATE AS ALWAYS. OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of different hues, shades and colors – and social backgrounds, but those feet, those lovely feet, and after I see them SO on Twitter, often simping without even LOOKING at their feet?

Well, the SALWAR is one other thing they have in common with their INNATE dominance which I just attract on AUTO PILOT (believe me – I do nothing – never have – to attract this, and looks isn’t part of most of what I attract, because they cannot see me online – VIBE IS – and therefore, my COURSE on it!)

And the affirmations, of course!

They will work if you truly believe, do, and … well, VIBE right. They will work on auto pilot, they will work in terms of attracting ANYTHING you want into your life that way – MONEY included. Yes, money is like a maiden you must woo, “attract subtly”!

I was thinking about this yet again, how I attract so effortlessly – how YOU can too – and how my femdom students DO attract into their own life once they start learning, most of all, as I keep seeing nothing but lovely Indian women, some from the North East – my! – on my Twitter, and finally a lovely lady in BLACK – with those FEET displayed, MY! Salwar! – and my SO’s feet greeting me fresh out of a sissy stretch, well, all I gotta say – is Paye Lagu, Madam…JI! You’re all so NICE!

And then, of course THIS.

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – YES, the book works in terms of male submissives looking to attract alpha MALES with those lovely SOLES into their life too. Hehe. It’s not and never about gender. It’s about VIBE! It works if you’re a female sub looking for the same – and so forth. Enjoy! And remember, say Paye Lagu … FIRST!

Preferably Master, even if it’s a she. She OWNS YOU, boy  dont you ever fuckin forget it! HEhe. xx

PS #2 – That feeling I have so often of reaching through the computer and KISSING HER FEET IN SUPPLICATION AND NOTHING ELSE, or in REAL LIFE, you’ll have to FEEL IT FIRST! And when you truly do you’ll know, and attract like CRAZY – like never before. Fact.

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