Pressing perfect Madam, tired Memsahib Bao Bao’s tired, cracked soles …

Paye Lagu, Bao Bao Madam Ji!

You were so regal and still are, and your soles screamed “tired, boy! Worship me!”

And I did, to the extent I could, and you let me, hehe. Actually if I had been well trained at that point, you would be lying down comfortably ont he bed while I would be buying scented foot lotion for you while paying YOU to massage me, Goddess!

Anyway, I’ve written before in Sin City Diaries about some of the most memorable and happiest moments in my life occuring when I was either humiliated by, or made to serve, or did so myself, by ladies I PAID to serve me!

As Maria, a girl I know for years told me, with that LOOK to the eye (she KNEW!) …

“Youre kind”, she giggled. “You’re paying HER to massage you, and yet …”

But anyway, I’ve mentioned how THAT lady looked at me with UTTER disgust as my cum BURST on to her pristine white palms.

She wouldn’t do that with normal customers including myself, but she sensed a push over and cuck – and well – what can I say?

Chinese ladies swoop down the instant they sense weakness, and they’re naturals at femdom!

And the girl at the massage parlor.

“How DARE you bring my lovely hand to your dick, boy!” (despite the fact I was paying her for that!).

And many more – pick up the Sin City compilation now (or individually) – you the femdom lover will enjoy it!

But perfect Madam Bao Bao JI was perhaps the most regal of the lot!

She called me out of the blue. She literally badgered me up and down for an expensive massage I did not want. Showed up late. Left early.

The minute she showed up at my place, she flounced around demanding a towel.

I gave her mine which oddly enough was laundered THAT morning.

And she wasn’t happy with it!

“How dare you give me your towel, boy!”

“ I want a fresh one!”

She didnt say boy outright, of course. But the vibe was there, and she made an irritated and aggravated face when I did NOT have a “new” towel for her.

And of course, her soles.

The first thing or about 10 minutes into the so called massage I did was lift up her soles.

She was reticent about it at first, but later as soon as I saw those tired cracked heels, they spoke to me!

“We’re tired of massaging others, boy! We belong to a GODDESS! Now get to work … BOY!”

And I did!

And hence the “your girlfriend will be very happy” satisfied comment before the sorry excuse of an erotic handjob, hehe. More like a ruined orgasm it was.

But then again, she knew it. Hehe. She wanted to keep me on the edge!

Perhaps with a real man she wouldn’t have …

And if there was something I’d have done differently?

I’d have BEGGED HER to just lie down and relax and I’ d have pressed her shoulders, arms and legs.

And the soles of her feet.

And I’d have massaged them with a LOT of lotion so I could remove the cracks!

And I’d BEG her to take my money, make me buy her things …

And so forth!

She’s such a Goddess.

I did all of the above, of course, but I wasn’t fully conditioned the way I am now …

… But anyway, that is the memory I woke up to this morning, and what I’m sharing now!

Paye Lagu, Perfect Madam Bao Bao! I’ll always remember those lovely soles of yours! You’re a Goddess, and I hope you’re fleecing a man right now!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up more tales of femdom in mainland China HERE.

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