Megan Ma’am’s uncared for now – soles – and hands!

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Megan Ma’am’s uncared for now – soles – and hands!

Spicy Erotic

Here they are!

And when I saw them, in no particular order, here were my thoughts!

Madam, do slap me once – or more – hard!

Not because I did anything wrong, but because it’s your right!

(She also sent me a picture of her back and long lovely hair I won’t post here, but she needs a shoulder and back rub too!)

Madam, your soles are really so, so, SO beautiful – Madam, thank you SO MUCH, SO MUCH!

(all she did was send a casual picture).

Madam, please let me buy you some foot lotion, but also massage your soles for hours!

And thats – or that should be – my task for the next few days.

As you can see, those lovely palms and soles are uncared for – such a PITY!

She is married, but the husband, well, enough said on that one!

….but she’s such a PERFECT GODDESS!

I just want to stand behind her for hours, combing her hair, massaging her, washing her feet, and then applying lots of lotion – buying her shoes – sending her MONEY – and so forth!

She’s such a Queen!

And that is the update for now.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – The entire Submissive Musings series – Volume 4 to come shortly – is based upon real life and true experiences just like this, get it NOW.

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