How high can you shoot that LOAD?

How HIGH can you shoot that LOAD?


I still remember the expression on a lady’s face (mentioned in Sin city diaries) – who “jerked” back instinctively with an expression of pure disgust as she sensed I was about to cum.


That disgust turned me on so – though she was PAID to do it – she wouldn’t touch my dick!!


Those fingers on my nipples DID it though.


Man, the way that one forefinger pointed towards the tissues – she wouldn’t even clean up!


What a Goddess!


Anyway. I’ve been thinking of an Indian lady as of late, and if she did that I’d probably shoot to the heavens.


Those feet on my face, dirty, calloused,nose in between her big toe and the second…MY!!!!!


Nipples…. My!


Theres a reason Nipplegasm Central is so popular around here my friend.


Nipples give you the … BEST orgasms ever, no not “gay”- I’m so sick of debunking that myth and these silly classifications anyway.




Question begets.


How high can YOU shoot?


Jeremy, I still remember him shooting his load towards the ceiling almost!


I have intense orgasms yes. Very! But my trajectory isn’t quite that high. Hehe.


Not to worry tho!


The hornier you are, the better it is as a guy. The less you “cum” the better!


And ruined orgasms are an absolute must to include in your routine from that standpoint. Find out more HERE.



Mike Watson


PS – Be on the out look for a great review for Ass Worship 101 who loved it so much he even gave it a new Spanish name – Fetiche el Culo 101! Hehe.

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