Cucked, locked and FUCKED!

Preferably “cowgirl” style (yours truly cucked! ;))

And even more preferably, with Madam Su’s hands on my nipples, as my cock – a “tool for release” (and thats what it is, cuckie boy! ;-)) as I say in my latest “offering” on this site (well, two actually – one was Sissy Gasm Central – a must grab, and the other was “The Sissy READER!” – which is a compilation for those of you that like it “big” – pun not intended, hehe – and another must grab if yuou want it “three in one”).

Three in one! Hmm!

I’ve never quite tried two cocks in my sissy hole.

But it might be a goal for the future! 😉

I’ve often thought though, what do the guys doing it think about with their cocks in such close proximity to each other?

Sure, a woman is involved.

Sure, it gives them validation (we’re dong it because the woman is there – and that wasn’t a typo there, hehe – it was, but …).

But really, why is that not “gay” and being a cuck is?

Or enjoying Master Jermome’s cock in me as I go cowgirl GAY?

Can someone please tell me why what is good for the lovely goose (and Masters goose is usually lovely to say the least!) – and not the sissy gander?

Hehe. I doubt anyone, will, but anyway … back to it.

I HAVE sucked two cocks at once – but that was with Madam Su, but not “taken” two at once in ONE sissy hole, hehe.

Again though.

Cucked. Locked. And fucked.

The feeling is indescribable, my friend. Pure bliss. Nirvana, as that lovely TOOL plows in and out wth the right amount of force, the balls smacking heavily against mine, the lube making that “chchh” noise as he goes in and out, hardening even more with every PLOW …

Truly sissygasm central, and thats just ONE of the ways to achieve true bliss in that manner that I’ve written about!

And it gives you a high that doenst just last for days or weeks.

It lasts for years.

I last saw Su (in this capacity) in 2017.

But the feeling lingers on three years later!

And right now, to end this, I’m trying to come off the high of putting out multiple products yesterday (more than 2 actually).

And those in the flow will KNOW what I mean.

Pretty much what I did after writing that 20,000 word book in a few hours – Madam Suvi no less …

… And pretty much what I’m doing now.

But the sissy high is one that lasts forever.

Your entire life.

And you’ll never want any other high other than that, my friend – I promise you!

Maybe a cocktail of his semen and …. ah, but I’ll “save” that “spunk” for another email.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – So now you have a choice my friend. You could either pick up Sissygasm Central, truly the BEST and one and ONLY course of it’s kind on sissygasms right HERE … or, you could pick up a three in one compilation right HERE.

Check ’em both out, and let me know! (well, the products are available via download, so you dont have to “let me know”, actually – but you SHOULD leave reviews! ;=)).

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