From today onwards, NOT all of my emails I send out to my list will be posted on the website.

Some still will be, but not all.

And those that will be – a portion of those will be paywalled off for paying subscribers ONLY.

And thats the update for now, my friend.

With the recent Amazon and “big tech” imbroglio attempting to take us down, this is one of the ways we have to fight back against it, and fight back we are, and will, and will WIN this one too – provided we have your support.

Those of you on the list know what I’m talking about in terms of Big Tech doing their best to take us down.

Mike Watson doesnt give up on a fight, and everyone that knows me knows that.

It could be the two court battles against the SYSTEM when I got married – it could be the battle I had when I got unfairly laid off at my first job in China, till this date, FIGHTING AND WRITING “you’re a fighter and writer”, as they say about me! has been part of my DNA and always will be.

However, we’re facing an enemy of immense and gigantic proportions here, that being Amazon (in part) … (my list knows the entire tale).

And, we have to take measures to safeguard ourselves while continuing to GROW as we always have.

For that, we need your support – not just words, my friend – ACTION – deeds speak louder than words. 

Chip in here so we can keep the fight going.

Buy a few products, and more importantly – REVIEW THEM!

And, make sure to sign up for our list.

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS –  I know the decision not to post everyone on here “For free” will sadden some of you, and I’m truly sorry about that. However, a business has to be run on hard fundamentals, and “free forever” ain’t how things are run. If you truly want to support us, step up and do so, and you’ll be richly rewarded as you have been in the past.

If not, well, as they say “Que sera sera”…

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