Charlie Kirk’s “views” on younger women marrying – and what went down at the White House, and my thoughts on all that …

Now, I say “views” with quotes – why?

Because social media is FAKE for the most part, my friend – even those called influencers with X number of views, followers etc. There are very few people who are truly authentic (a certain actor James Woods being one) whose words truly have the being honest vibe – most just have the “whats in it for me and how can I market myself” vibe (yes, including all the feel good motivational nonsense you see being spread around everywhere these days – no, just thinking it wont make it happen, thats part of it, there is a lot more to it than the “Secret” or what the movie did NOT tell you – what the self help gurus dont tell you – or GLOSS OVER!). . .

… Anyway, this dude Kirk, I’ve no idea who he is, runs a very successful show though from the sounds of it, and he was talking about (in a nutshell no pun) how younger women that marry first and worry about career later i.e those that marry young have a better choice of men to choose from.

Contentious issue, to me, well, age?

It matters not, as I’ve always said – her MIND matters.

And if that mind is sprightly enough, age can be SEXY as hell too – enough proof in all my writing, starting from the age of 19 where my girlfriend was 29 accused of cradle robbing – hehe – and we both looked 18 – no kidding. She probably looked even younger than I!

It’s not always about age, though Kirk’s got a point in terms of “statistics” – yes, its a fact that a lot of men “outwardly” prefer younger women – internally, fact is, a lot of these same men would jump on a 90 year old woman if horny enough. Hehe.

Fact of life …

Now, a lot of “conservative” folks weighed in on this.

And it’s part of why I bring it up here.

Yours truly does not identify as being either conservative or liberal, I prefer to be in the middle. No pun, shades of grey there too.

I agree with some things “liberals say”. For the most part I agree more with what conservatives say, but I’m not about to rush out on the road ranting about “grabbing women by the pussy” and so forth …

Or, assaulting the capitol – ugh – what were folks THINKING there – if at all?

Anyway – a lot of these conservative sorts, One responded to Kirk with this “go to church and preach there”.



Now, my thoughts on the mess at the White House ?

That simply should not have gone down.

Obviously I support LGBTQ to the core, but again – SSC means RESPECT – mutual respect.

I wrote about that earlier today, and regardless of how liberal or not you are, I have no time for you if you dont have RESPECT – if you dont respect LINES, boundaries, some things just cannot be done, and the way the whole “topless” mess was handled at the White House, not just the flag overshadowing the national flag left a very sour taste in my mouth.

I’m aware I’ll receive lots of backlash for saying this, but so be it …

Just because you choose to change your gender as an adult doesn’t mean you have to express it inappropriately and I’m nigh shocked the President hasn’t SAID as much …

… whatever happened to good ole fashioned respect, right and wrong?

Lost concept it seems …

Anyway – back to “the femdom salt mines” as a narrator once told me – hehe.

And that means if you haven’t gotten the superlatively effective book on attracting dominance in all its shapes, forms and guises to YOU on auto pilot – yes, it works for whatever goal you have in life, then you should get it NOW – along with the femdom affirmations.

And thats that – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Yes, I know. It’s a “minority” that does these things.

But what about the ‘silent majority’?

You cannot just remain silent and say  I am neutral. Much like you’d condemn the juvenile (hoax??) Nazi flag episode at Disney very vociferously and so you SHOULD – well, flip side applies too my friend.

And silence means tacit approval …

No, privately agreeing doesnt mean squat in the grand scheme of things. You gotta SAY it publicly, and have conviction behind your words in order for anything to change either way.

SSC, folks. Respect. Why is that such a hard concept to get? Ugh! Live and let live and all that.

(Btw, before you say it, although people mistake me for it – I’m not exactly white. Nor am I chinese, or Indian, or Spanish, or any of other terms – hehe. Truly a Heinz 57 here…? So please dont pull the “you dont understand minorities” nonsense. Jim  Crow is a thing of the past my friend. Look AHEAD, not behind!).

PS #2 – And thats ANOTHER reason I mention this here – NOT BECAUSE OF POLITICS, but because the conservative yet SENSIBLE lot of us is a very underserved MAJORITY. I’d like for that to change!! (the underserved part)

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