“You try and do the right thing by some people” …

That was a line in the iconic movie “First Blood Part One” I believe – one of my all time favorites.

I’ve always tried and done the right thing by people – NOT like the Sheriff in the movie, hehe.

When this Amazon imbroglio broke, the first thing I did was let everyone I was working with at the time know about it – hey, fair’s fair.

But it’s interesting, adversity (if this can be called that – I call it a positive occurence overall) brings out the TRUE colors of people – including folks Ive praised before.

When I first took on a narrator for the great Femdom Tips project – “something” told me to think again.

Yet, my gut then took over and I accepted her proposals – her offer to narrate the book – or books, which she seemed enthusiastic about – the criticism she made of the book – and so forth.

Yes, I share it all here, not just the good parts!

To be honest none of us is perfect, neither are my books or products or anyone, and if some minor editing mistakes cause people to pull their hair out (she was nice about it – there are many who aren’t) then so be it.

I certainly ain’t changing for nobody.

And the bottom line here, I agreed to all she said, I was more than fair with her, yet when this mess broke and I asked her if she would support me for a while by how – simply agreeing not to cancel contracts etc until the whole mess was over – the first question she and everyone else had (well, most) was not how it impacted me, the business but “how it would impact them”.

People are truly into it only for themselves, but thats not how successful biz works, it’s give and take.

Yet, I said nothing.

Another lady got back to me about contracts, repeatedly asking til the point I asked her nicely to cancel it herself. Haha.

Yet another lady, the narrator for Bhagwati Devi – kept sending me ideas and claimed she wanted to support me, yet, when I asked her to support me by DOING as opposed to words (no money involved for her, all I asked her to do was be an affiliate and sell) – she backed out!

You know what pissed me off the most?

These folks are honest folks – when it comes to what THEY Want, like many on the liberal left are (I hate bringing politics into this, but it’s true). When it comes to THEIR thoughts, they’ll send you long emails (not necessarily nice ones either) explaining THEIR side of it, but when you explain YOUR side of it, they’ll reply with “we’re too busy , sorry xo”.

When it comes to truly showing compassion for the other person – despite the other person having done the right thing by them – they’re a big fat ZERO.

I HATE people like that, though I never use the word normally. I really do, it’s hypocrisy too, plain and simple.

And the disrespect shown to the biz by simply not answering questions I posed, yet posing their OWN questions as soon as they felt “oh god, our work may not get published” (screw the business, our work matters) – is just horrible, and left a terrible taste in the mouth.

I’ve no doubt I will get the Amazon mess resolved, though if it doesn’t get resolved, I could care two hoots less.

What I do care about, regardless of the quality of work these folks did for me (it was great) the most is respect.

And given the disrespect they showed this business – one even got back to me telling me to go to a friend’s site and see if I could sell there – wtf – we have our own site! – was just plain ole … UGH.

I will never work with those folks again.

And per my usual policies of curation they’re blocked forever from here until something changes drastically.

And that, my friends is that – 120 pushups in, I had to get that off my chest, I’ve done so now ….


Mike Watson

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