Remembering perfect Madam Cynthia…. B…

I’d say the last name here, but I’m keeping things annoymous just in case. But, I dont need to to be honest in case you’ve heard “Serving Ann” – that lovely audiobook which was done first by another older lady who had a fantastic vibe coming off her, yet disappeared “all of a sudden” as it were, which is fine. Hey ,she’s a lady. Hehe. Enough said – not in a bad way – its her RIGHT ! Haha.

(nah, not excusing unprofessional behavior but one door closes, another opens) …

… and the lovely Cynthia Bickford stepped in to to do it eventually – an initial professional audition sans a lot of the “vibe” we wanted ,and she got back saying “she was over 60 and the sex ship done sailed for her”.

Fast forward FOUR (more) narrations, all so splendidly done along with her own unique touch in the retail audios – no pun – that I shiver with lust and almost cum in my pant every time I hear her voice, but again, more than anything else -its the VIBE!

I still remember her sending me pics of her SOLES out of the blue one day – we had discussed it before – selling them for her, not for me! Hehe. And I mentioned her on the site before too – for free, just to direct y’all to another dominant lady FOR HER! – and then that.

Truly the Universe sees all we do, that court of universal justice is forever working. Those soles, that look in the eye – that OLDER LADY VIBE – MY – but before I go “nuts” – pun – full balls as always! – or ga ga again over here – much warranted, …

… with the ongoing KDP impasse I’ve spoken about which I ain’t given up on, but doesnt look to be resolved anytime soon – unfortunately, for her, it hit at the wrong time, and the minute we were going to get her four next audio books – Garima Madam’s bitch, Garima Madam – the Prequel Garima Madam – the READER! – and Sissygasm Central – bam, down went KDP and Madam’s lovely voice and uber professional work – all on hold for now.

At some point we may or may not sell through here, but thats up to Madam, and the last we spoke I dont think she wanted to do that – but either way, this ain’t about sales.

For me, at least.

For her, when I asked if she was open to doing more books, Madam needed a break which I thought she would. Whew!

“I so wish I could have you massage my feet now!”

Yes Ma’am, me too!

And more importantly ‘we need SALES NOW, bitch!”

OK, she didnt call me that. Hehe. But, you get my drift.

For me, its not “ultimately” about sales, it never has been, its about doing what my HEART TELLS ME TO DO – thats all my businesses, sure, I love the sales, but that ain’t the main reason I do it as y’all KNOW VERY WELL  —  for Madam – hey, that cardinal affirmation – MONEY, BOY!

Its about me thinking of her all morning.

And if nothing else, I’d probably pay her for that lovely work she did down the line!

(for me it was about money, like Jeff Bezos once said “I’d probably be happy being a highly paid programmer”). Hehe.

Such an entitled DOMINANT older lady when she wants to be, and those soles, nigh perfect!

(and she can REALLY STOMP with them big feet. aka Giantess. Hehe).

“Maybe that ship hasn’t yet left port”.

I always knew it hadn’t Madam – much respect, and Paye Lagu to you, Id simp to you all day as you sit there in the profound pose you sent me – or feet crossed as on the cover!


I always knew it was THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I could tell her all this.

SOmehow I feel she can feel it NOW.

And I’ll wait for the email to show up.

Thats manifestation on auto pilot, femdom or not!

And thats that, friend.

Be sure and get the above audiobooks NOW.

Be sure, too, to get the associated digital downloads off this site, they work best together.

And thats that!


Mike Watson

PS – If you’re interested in buying perfect Madam Cynthia’s foot pics, let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. Serious buyers only please. ie. “no free talk”

PS #2 – I’ve no idea why but a lot of you have IGNORED the “call to arms” to leave REVIEWS. Please do so – the 10% discount code is one thing (auto sent for every review you send!) – but honest reviews always help others looking to make an informed purchasing decision. I’ve gone hoarse saying this. PLEASE LEAVE REVIEWS VIA THE review link in the download email. THANK YOU! Hehe.

And Paye Lagu to Madam – Perfect  Madam Cynthia B once again, I’d so rub her head and shoulders after those long narrations and fetch her drinks ALL day – or night! 😉

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