Affiliates, and more!

Lots of you have expressed interest in becoming AFFILIATES for this site!

And, we LISTENED – finally, hehe.

It took a while, yes, but the affiliate section on the site is ALIVE AND KICKING – right here!

Basically, we want high quality affiliates, so if you have a website, or have other reasons you believe you could satisfy our criteria, then apply here – and wait for us to get back to you.

(remember, it’s FREE to apply, but we only want SERIOUS applicants).

What we are offering in that regard – 

A flat 25% off EACH sale you make (via a custom link we provide – sorry, YOU cannot provide the links, we need to provide YOU with a link per product so our system can track it) – and 15% in case it’s a recurring sign up (such as for the Watson faithful, for instance, in that case, every renewal would mean the 15% goes to YOU).

You will get a complete admin area “tracking” area where you can track commissions you make – and often times, usually, you’ll get an email with each commission you generate as well.

And, everything else normally associated with such programs. Payments are made once you reach the $100 threshold in payments due, which should be easy for an experienced affiliate to do!

All payments are currently made via Paypal.

And, your links – will be valid for 60 days after an user users them – as opposed to the thirty days most sites offer!

So, if you send your base a link – they click through – but purchase later i.e. within 60 days, you still get the commission (and 60 days is believe me, more than sufficient for user interest to occur if it ever will).

As for you – well, why would you want to sell our products?

Self explanatory – the Real McCoy of the femdom and BDSM world is telling you this now – and has been for years – there is nothing like these products out ANYWHERE in the entire BDSM world. 

So, you stand to make a huge commission with “little work” as it were … 

So that is the update there!

And, LOTS of you have contacted me about another thing – something else entirely.

That being web hosting – reliable web hosting – for adult themed sites (and in general).

it’s not easy to find to begin with – trust me.

I spent literally MONTHS looking for a stable place to host my sites, before deciding to go with my own server.

And now, I’m offering YOU space on it too – if you so choose!

A customer once commented “It would be an honor to have my site sitting next to yours!”

So it is, my friend.

So it is!

More details on that later too – keep watching this space for more!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember, pick up some Chinese femdom books HERE.

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