If you’re still wanking to videos . . .

I just did a search on Ballbusting on Google.in, and given we were talking my Indian S.O. (though she loves ASIAN soap, and the Asian women love INDIAN women, hehe, isnt the grass always greener?) . . . I figured it’s appropriate I search on that channel.

So I did.

And ballbusting 1010 is ALREADY #1!!!

In the Google search results, at least.

Lots of my book are. Princess Joanie for one!

But anyway, that aside, a lot of videos popped up.

By the name, and the gorgeous dames doing the video, you, the guys would think theres something good!

But they mostly TALK abou tit, and they dont talk about the how’s and why’s and wherefore’s of ball busting (well, not in REAL detail like I do).

I guess the reason I can do what I do SO WELL – the BEST ever – in terms of femdom and everything related?

Is because I keep it real.

Is because I’m a man that does NOT top from the bottom, yet knows what men want in a way only men can know!

And here’s the thing – – I watched a few videos, but other than the gorgeous girls, nothing happened.

This is why I love certain ladies such as Mistress T, who I’ve mentioned in the past.

She’s GOT IT!

But its amazing, and yet not, that most femdom videos are done by Asian girls, hehe.

Hence my pathbreaking book on it!

But anyway, back to ballbusting.

I watched the videos (which I never do – I hate videos – but I sat through some).

and I got bored.

I dont know – my own book has no pictures, except the goddess on the COVER.

But, that book makes me nut just reading it!

And so will it any serious MALE (whose serious about ballbusting).

This books truly gets to the CORE of the fetish, and how to do it in a way NO-ONE has seen before, my friend.

No, if you think you’ve seen it all before, you’re an utter fool.

And if you think “just marketing”, you’re int he same category.

In fact, you’d be a fool not to get the book – now.

Jump on this now, my friend. Truly one of the best from the best ever!



PS – And if you think”too expensive”, then you’re a SUPER fool x 10. Really!

PS #2 – And if you think wanking to videos does it, and you know it doesnt? Well, Pornhub pulled  70% of their content earlier this year for one, and the trend is set to continue. If you truly want REAL LIFE femdom – ATTRACTED TO YOU – and even if you just want a SATISFYING wank (most aren’t!) – well, you’ll want to grab all my books – now!

PPS – And remember, the Watson faithful gets you INSTANT access to everything – NOW (digitally).

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