Leaving that door OPEN! Hehe.

… is, and can be a very good idea!

I’ve spoken about this galore, of course, but I’d like to say it again – I’m VERY quick indeed to BLOCK people I dont want out of my life, business and so forth.

In fact, I’ve been known (well known) to turn DOWN sales – yes, even in “this” economy as people put it.

If your vibe is shit, and not on board with what we teach, you dont need or deserve to be anywhere near us.

Thats why I always prune my email list too, which I’ve done yet another prune on a while back and LOTS of people were “culled” for being little more than a bump on a log, do nothings, price wankers, whiners, moaners and pissers in general.

And normally I never let anyone back into my life.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Yet, the smart(est) men know there is a caveat to everything.

Men and women both.

Or even some in between’s, hehe.

And the caveat here is this – SOMETIMES, for SOME people, I leave the door open.

I dont WELCOME or even invite them back in.

But that door’s open, and for those that have served their punishment i.e. “banished to the wilderness” and then choose to learn from their mistakes and come back – well, I’m here with open arms, a forgiving HEART – and NO ill will whatsoever. Truly, if thats you – we’ll start with a clean slate bro.

In one of the Mowgli stories (a little guy growing up in a jungle) he speaks of “animal forgiveness”.

Animals dispense a good beating when the situation demands it, but they dont obsess about it forever.

Punishment is served quickly, and the crime is then FORGOTTEN. Simple as that.

Same thing here …

So thats that – I wanted to mention it – it applies to some readers here.

Some people are on board with the “once blocked, forever blocked” – for me, that applies to the majority of folks I remove from my life as well, but SOME people, like I said, deserve a second chance, and this leaving the door open policy for them has resulted in sales shooting through the ROOF like never before for one, and results in other spheres of life “instant manifestation” like you would NOT believe.

… Right down to me thinking of women by NAME alone – or a faint outline on whatsapp – and that same woman, or others like her adding me the next day – or talking to me – or working with it.

Its magic, trust me.

And thats all I gotta say here!

Back soon – oh, and remember, how could I end without a pun? Every good SISSY MUST leave her DOOR open all the time – hehe – both the actual door and her BODILY door – and remember … “both doors, the one on top, and the bottom”.

Keep it tight, boy!

Hehe. Best,

Mike watson

PS – Sissy Specials HERE.

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