Empress Cody

Dear Reader,

Well, well, well! If there EVER was a title that sounded “imposing” as heck, THIS is it.

And the content matches it as well – the recently out “Empress Cody” series (Volume #1 and Volume #2) on Amazon etc as “we speak”, and Volume #3 all done and almost ready to be uploaded (probably another day or so for that one) is by far the most “extreme” of the series’s I’ve written.

And that is saying something given I’ve written some pretty extreme stuff from a MENTAL standpoint in most of my books – the mind, as they say and I VERY FIRMLY believe is what COUNTS – and where it all starts and ends, and “mind fucks” done correctly to paint a far deeper and more arousing picture than mere extreme actions every could.

Brandish the whip, and you have a visual. Powerful indeed, but brandish the whip and explain the lady’s THINKING, and what turns HER ON about it – and you have something else altogether, my friend.

After all, it’s all about her. Real life femdom, or as close to it as it can practically get anyway, is always all about HER.

On that note, the Empress Cody series does follow my usual trend of applying the right “dab” of creative license to real life events.

Check it out – and let me know your thoughts!



Mike Watson

P.S. – Be on the outlook for “Empress Cody – Volume #3” VERY SOON INDEED!

P.S #4 – Volume #4 in the works as “we speak”!

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