Miss V, her shoe rack, and more . . .

As I was talking to my S.O. last night, she issued me a couple of orders.

“Wake up by 9 AM definitely tomorrow! I have work to do . . . “

The “boy” was left unsaid, hehe.

And for those to whom this may sound surprising, well, yours truly arises (normally) at the grand ole hour of 1130 at the earliest on most days before he gets a workout in and dives into his (her ?) work. Hehe.

Which includes serving Madam, but as of now, we’re trying to get back to something less resembling a CROSS between a grump and a groggy caveman routine . . .

And the other order?

“Remember to put the shoes out! We’ll need to sun ‘em!

And being a lot of our shoes were stored away in a shed of sorts for ages, this made sense.

So this morning I woke up, and did the needful.

Took the shoe rack out. An old, wooden shoe rack with tons of dusty shoes, mostly HERS. Hehe.

No wonder Madam didn’t want to touch it! ?

And as I took the shoes out, I automatically cleaned each one of them/

The black pumps became black again as the dust disappeared. As did the myriad variety of high heels, flips, CLOGS (yum!) and slippers . . .

And as I put those out with my solitary pair of sports shoes, hehe, I was reminded of Miss V and how!

You readers of Miss V – Beauty Salon will remember the SHOE rack outside my apartment (she lived right next door to Madam Carrie and myself, if you remember!) . . .taking up not just the area outside HER apartment, but mine too, hehe.

Curiously enough this last thing was repeated in the last apartment I lived in as well with the lady next door doing the exact same thing until I finally asked her (begged her!) to remove ‘em and she agreed.

Not to mention Miss Summer and her pink slippers which were right in front of my house too.

We truly do attract what we really, really want deep down at the core don’t we! ? Hehe.

And in terms of Miss V, she had a nicer shoe rack – and more shoes!

And you’ll remember the polishing, cleaning and everything she put me through – and as I wiped the dust off Madam’s shoes today, I was reminded of Miss V, and how!

Fond memories. Mainland China, you BEAUTY! (at least in terms of femdom, hehe).


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is where you can read all about Miss V – Miss V Beauty Salon

P.S #2 – And that read wouldn’t be complete without reading the Madam Carrie compilation (I stopped at Volume #4, but 5 is half written already!) – which you can grab right HERE.

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