When Su Ma’am asked me to babysit…

It was HOT today out there – blazing , and yet, the minute I saw a lady wearing heels, sunglasses – I knew she HAD it – and I Wanted to worship those short stubby toes right there!

She could be a certain “Prajakta” enough said on that one, hehe.

But small – Carol like feet aside, I guess the dominance was flowing from her, but here’s the thing – way back in the day, Su Ma’am – here for “you want to buy me a DIAMOND” – not quite as dominating as the younger Joanie “THEN BUY ME A DRESS, boy!” (the now left unsaid, understood by BOTH before she said it – MY! Findom done right, MY WHAT A TURN ON!) … …

I didnt do it, and this should be – probably is, or wil be in the Volume Two of 11 Missed Femdom opportunities. (which you the readers should learn from my friend, my experiments on me – my life – there for you to learn from).


Such a turn on, “will you pay me Maa’am”, and her saying no, ZERO, because she can feel the humiliation, the SUBMISSIVE VIBE!

She’ll make you babysit while she’s out with her husband, maybe other men, you’ll thank her for it.

You’ll clean the kids piss and shit up for free, likely do the laundry too, “Hmm”! She’ll nod when she returns, approvingly. GOOD BOY!

But most of all, you know what a cuck would do ?

SHINE HER HUSBAND’s SHOES, as I so did with perfect Madam Megan, the only woman to expertly sissify me MORE expertly than anyone else out there!

No prizes for guessing who is who, yet … that is SO humiliating, the next time of course is washing his underwear, sniffing it, while she breaks out into peals of LAUGHTER, so humiliating, so well warranted as I lay out in Humiliation Central (different tips, but equally humiliating!).

YES, boy!

And the most humiliating part?

“Ma’am, do you know what I really want?”

That pregnant pause, snicker or not.

“Yes. His dick!”

And I so do, the culmination of humiliation, your head between her lover’s legs, the LONG DONG hanging, Chinese or not, so long it almost gets caught in drawers, pun and not, the FORESKIN DANGLING – oh MY!


That PENIS! Penis Central has more, but that is the sheer joy, honor and true PRIVELEGE of being a cuckold, captured so well in Sissy Confessions and Cuckold Compilations. 

You, the reader, will want to get those now.

And I’ll be back – I can still see my face shining in Master’s shoe that I so assidiously once polished with my own SEED too (his shoe leather loved my “useless” SPERM – MY, I’m almost CUMMING WRITING THIS!).


Get those books NOw.



Ps – It’s NOT a surprise that the Odes to Bhagwati Ma’am are amongst the first to go on Audible, with the older lady I wrote about yesterday, checking me out like a piece of MEAT, at her soles, and Bhagwati herself, relaxing in a recliner after giving massages to her husband, pressing his feeet at  night, then I do it for HER, OH MY SO EROTIC, you ladies are SO NICE, So NICE, SO DOMINATING, what an HONOR MADAM!

Interesting how life works, Profound Poses Vol Two is currently being narrated by a lady who told me you can call me Toy.

And the book above well, the lady doing it loves to be taught – on occasion, maybe more. Hehe. Truly gotta be on the other side of the spectrum to figure it out!

Walk a mile in another man’s shoes, or a sissy’s, or woman’s, then smash balls with them or polish them.


(an idiot wrote back on the other business saying “I dont like the giggles”. Well, dude, you’re at the wrong spot!). Pun… YES.

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