Craven Depths of SUBMISSION – or perhaps sissy Confession #2 …

This one might be short, I’m watching a movie (with a female heroine. Hehe).

Once upon a time, I met a man through Madam Su – remember her?

Her most popular stud, Master Jerome, with a dick both long – and THICK!

I’d often unzip him, hot and sweaty after workouts, work etc with my teeth, I’d kiss his underwear many times and BEG for the dong while … well, it’s all detailed in Cuckold Compilations, or some part of it!

I’d beg. Literally.

Until I was allowed to peel it off with my teeth – this is a part I have not really gotten into in Sophia Bai …

The dong would plop out, and it would literally “club” me on the tip of my nose. HARD!

And the way they’d laugh, especially Su, as that golf stick like DONG left literally small bumps on my nose – humiliation central doesn’t begin to cut it!

One of their pet tricks (other than all the worship during sex detailed in the first book above) was this –

He loved drinking beer.

He’d hold his pee sometimes, and I’d be forced to hold his long dong – his long PENIS (isnt that word so sexy, as opposed to dick and sometimes DONG – though DONG is so sexy too, ding DONG! I have to tell people that dont know how it’s pronounced not to say it that way, hehe)  – his lovely sexy SMOOTH penis – which was so long that even if not hard, it hit the back of my throat … without sucking.

Just hold it in your mouth boy! NO sucking, or else!

(it was a struggle not to, but since I was so nose deep, but still, it was a struggle to keep tongue of base of dong!)

And I’d be nose deep in his trimmed pubes as he drank beer, often with Su by his side, in his arms… with her hands on his lovely muscular manly chest (no hair though).

Five minutes would pass, sometimes more, my knees would ache, I wasn’t allowed to move from that position. Sometimes they’d made me squat like Princess .. well, Madam Priyanka did!

And all the other chinese girls I’ve ever known. Hehe.

And then, he would pee.

Gallons of it, like his cum, he loved his beer – it was a sight and struggle it was, sight to behold me with pee dripping from my lips as fast as I could gulp it down from that lovely dong, and the pee hole…

(he’d often wipe the last few drops on my eyes!). 

(he’s usually be semi hard too, so he REALLY had to piss, if you get my drift!)

So much so that I had to go pee myself after that!

Which I sometimes drank too.

So let’s see.

Master drinks beer – pisses it out. 

I drink it, piss it out, then drink it again

Thats three levels of humiliation right there, all more humiliating than the first!

Luckily it never extended to scat. SSC always, hehe!

But there’s plenty humiliating in the above.

Her waste – his waste – you’re putting it into your body and treating it as holy – that alone is so submissive and humiliating (and the reverse for them!).

Same thing with ass worship, which is why I had to put out a course on it. Youre literally worshipping the sewers of their body – and what comes out of it in many cases!

And in many cases, you digest it too … boogers, snot, all of it.

CAN there be anything more humiliating?

I dont think so, but you tell me!

And thats what I gotta share for now. Back to movie!


Mike Watson

PS – Cock is SO NICE!

If there’s one thing I could do right NOW, it would be to smooch Master Jerome’s ASSHOLE and pee holes, and say thank you. More on that later!

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