“I had never seen anything like it”!

You know him, I’m sure.

Him of that lovely white cock – oddly enough, the grass is always greener on the other side. That cock I loved so much is probably one you wouldn’t think much of.

A “Trump like” mushroom shaped cock. The head really visible, and not too long either (the dick).

And you know how I sucked it, slobbed on it and worshipped it (if you don’t pick up Cuckold Compilations, and you will!).

Dont cum just as yet, faggot … there’s more.

Cum too, hehe (more for you, not you getting to cum just as yet).

After that experience, I met him at my dorm room once. And he looked at me and said this .

“I had fun! If you want to do it again, let me know!” 

Did I?? 

“Did you like it” I asked in a hoarse voice. “Did you like my cock?” (much like I was asking a girl, or maybe a stud)

(Note – this part is only for you on this list – it isn’t covered in Cuckold Compilations).

“I did! I had never seen one like it!”

And indeed, my phimotic cock is one of fantasy, one like you’ve never seen before.

I described it on the other site, but as he messaged me one afternoon here is what he said.

“Sit on the laptop! Watch porn, and I’l suck you off!”

He was doing that, but I beat him to it – i.e. I pulled his pants off first.

But my girlfriend lived right next door!! (well, the girl who would GO ON to become my girlfriend).

And therefore, I felt guilt in the middle, and we stopped.

What a pity it was.

He would have got what he wanted, my phimotic cock and a load, and I’d have too!

Guilt , my friend, is something I had a long time ago over wanting to suck cock – and it’s truly gone too now.

And YOU need to learn how to let go of it too – to attract more COCK into your life.

Lets face it.

Not all of you will be going to gloryholes, and most of you HATE doing that.

What you really want is what I Described above.

What Jeremy wanted, i.e. my cock and balls!

Think about it, bitch.

My lovely soles. Broad and meaty. 

My ass – my asshole, musty, sweaty and hairy. 

And my cock and balls!

My cock is phimotic, dark – and sexy as heck, because it’s hard, and the snout “narrows”.

So you can see massive sword, truly.

With balls dangling, lots of smell from the snout that does NOT peel back.

And of course, the load.

Sissies like you would cream their panties just looking at it.

Suck it?

FORGET about it, footboy.

I wouldn’t let you near it with a ten foot pole, or even your little dingie dong.

But if you’re worthy, I might show it to you, and I might just dominate you like you want …

But first – prove your worthiness, footboy.

Do it NOW.



PS – YES, you heard me. Do it now, and you will be dominated like even PORN cannot do it for you!

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