Ruined orgasms and the COMICAL subs that you can make them dance to your tune while administering ’em. Hehe.

Now thats a mighty fine review from “Ms Fine” –  Libby Fine, on amazon for “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE! .. and have him groveling for MORE!“.

This book is definitely an open-minded take on a different sexual experience, and a true eye-opener!

First of all, I have to say this book is a VERY engaging read. I myself, am on the very “vanilla” side of intimacy, but when reading Mr. Watson’s book, I was able to immerse myself in “another world” so-to-speak. His writing makes you feel very comfortable while gaining knowledge/factual information. Some parts were comical, as I imagine is just the author’s personality shining through the pages.

Now, thats an interesting take on it for sure – but think about it – it’s so true!

The LAUGHING at the sub part when the sub is denied is such a turn on for both – but ONLY – I repeat, and this is important, ONLY IF THE Domina is TRULY turned on by and finds the sub’s intense discomfort (denial) not only interesting, but funny in a giggly sort of manner!


“Look at the poor bitch!” (insert language of choice. Hehe. ). 

Anyway, Libby actually told me she did a lot of those things herself – well, some – so in her own words “maybe she isn’t that vanilla” anyway. Hehe.

Who cares – labels are pointless Ma’am – and she knows it!

But thats a great little review, I did not ever think of it that way but it’s true! Think about the comic relief a lot of Dominas truly INTO it can get from this – and you get the picture.

Madam yes, maybe it was my personality shining through as well – I tend to be rather engaging, pun intended and not, but the subject matter as well! 🙂

Anyway, on other fronts, it seems lots of you are interested in ballbusting – we’re getting a lot of inquiries on that one, such as …

BigDaddy Ballbustinglover: i want my nuts kicked as hard as a girl can to completely deform my testicles and fuck my nuts up with full force kicks and squeezing my balls to try to pop my nuts in her hands
(15:15:03) BigDaddy Ballbustinglover: would you be able to help me find a girl that will love to bust my balls beyond recognition and is open to cracking my balls open?

Cracking them eggs open. WOW!

But really, thats what ballbusting is all about – intense, super intense!

Same thing for this ..

I have a peeing fetish….

Intense, except mentally more so.

Now, a lot of you want us to INTRODUCE you to folks into it – which is a paid service, my friend.

Currently it comes free with a Watson faithful membership – but down the line, probably pretty soon, it will be diversified out into a different section on the site where folks interested in meeting each other for that sort of thing (fetish) can do so safely in an environment monitored by us.

For now, though – part of the Watson Faithful perks as it were – part of A LONG LIST of perks that are mentioned – and not as well!

Anyway, thats that for now. Remember too – along with Ballbusting 101 Sissy Central continues to be our most popular course, and Sissy Workouts is on the verge of completion – so place that pre-order NOW if you have not already (really -wtf are you waiting for, hehe)…

And thats that!


Mike Watson – so much going on – my!

PS – Please only contact us in terms of “do we know anyone” if you’re SERIOUS about meeting the right people. Anyone can get on the internet and meet people “for free” – but thats not the point here, complete and utter, total compatibility is key, or its pointless as you know, and that (and our pedigree in that regard speaks for itself) is why and what we charge for. If that isn’t your cup of tea, please refrain from “pointless communications” as it were. Thank you!

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