Perversion, just another art form … Hehe.

And who better to know it than us “perverts”. Hehe.

Although, to be honest I’d rather a “perv” than so called normal people. I’ve always found the former – Bozo Schofield’s aside, of course – to be refreshingly open about their needs and desires – NOT be judgemental like the majority of society is – these people are usually SMART people as well, can think for themselves – and are usually achievers of some form in real life – in other words, they’re “doers” in a nutshell, people that make things happen.

I’ve often been called proactive on many a thing, and while I always thank the person for their compliment – its true to a T. I’d rather think and be pro-active, do FIRST – rather than just up and react “when something happens”.

Living in the moment is one thing. Planning for the future, quite another, having goals, plans etc in mind.

Thats my opinion on it anyway, I’ve always found “pervs” in general to be far more interesting people than the vast majority of folks out there, and I haven’t been shy about saying it either.

Anyway – back to it –


  • Perversion is just another art form. It is like painting or drawing , or sculpture. Except, instead of paint, Sherry and me like good perverts use SEX as our medium!

  • Mike thinks – it’s not Christmas yet, and I already want to give Sherry her good night…


Damn, Paula – you so NAILED IT with regard to the RED HOT LUST Sherry aroused in me! 

Sherry says kiss me, give me the moisture of your tongue, of your lips, make your saliva mix with mine, creating the flavor of temperament, Mike – PLEASE!

And when Sherry felt Mike’s hand slide between her lace embroidered panties,just to bare her loins precisely … but tenderly, reverently, the thought that came to her mind was she was so glad to be in India, and learning the Kamasutra customs . Sherry let steal until the last breath, Mike had already become her owner.


Thats not just shades of Madam Aa Ling in terms of saliva becoming one etc – damn, again, Paula – you so nailed it! That first kiss she gave me, as far as Sherry, I truly believe, despite the dysfunction you read about in Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume Two (part of the compilation that Paula just reviewed, that the above screenshot is from) … there was something hugely sexual there, and it wasn’t just femdom either, there was lust and longing on both sides, of course, mixing that in with business is heady at best and unstable, noxious at worst, and the worst happened as it often does!

Yet, such was the lust she aroused in me – even today, even after she cheated me, if she put her feet up, and used that commanding tone of voice – press my feet, boy! – MONEY, boy! – or anything like that – I’d be HERS.

And she MINE. Hehe.

Paula, you’ve nailed it SWEETLY – pun not intended!

Here’s the review, then, for Submissive Musings in mainland China – Compilations (Volume One – Volume Three)

Get this now my friend – truly plenty of mind fucks, memorable experiences to learn from and savor – and MORE!


Mike Watson


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