“Know your place. I know mine … BOY!”

Ok, so this says the same thing as I say pretty much daily, but boy – I wrote about a “BAM!” in the last email, and as I sit here looking at my Twitter account, I was hit with another “BAM!” – – and this time, from a lady whose FACE I can’t even see!

Remember that all the BAM’s in the past – the instant BAMS that made me want to drop down, kneel and worship came from seeing the face (and sometimes feet), but always FACE – because of the look in the eye. . .

Princess Joanie, Garima Madam, or any other . . . it was always the LOOK in the eye that got me as I said in the last email, and today as I sit here writing to you, this was a lady on Twitter I just saw that posted the above, and all I could see was her soles, and not 100% at that either!

And of course, I don’t deserve to see them unless I prove myself worthy, and I get it. . . ?

It was a picture of her in leotards, with a strap criss crossing each heel, and those lovely soles that looked as if they had just got done with a WORKOUT, and a sweaty one at that, and captioned as it was had MUCH the same effect on me as what I wrote in the last email did!

And while I do know my place (oh, and the “boy” was something I added in hehe) … the fact remains that saying this on a daily basis to a potential male slave or the reverse to a female Domina is really the cornerstone, or one of them at any way to building a successful female led relationship.

It’s all about mental conditioning, my friend. I’ve often said that the mental side of all of this is just as important, if not MORE so than the physical … actually, I take that back.

The physical body, when it comes to BDSM is but a “necessary tool” if I might say so.

Much like Madam Alexa once sagely proclaimed about male dicks they are but a tool for her pleasure.

The only difference between a dildo and a human dick, as she rightly put it was the “flesh and blood” feel, and both exist for one purpose – to pleasure her – and apparently that dick didn’t pleasure her as much as it should have, hehe.

No worries. Neither does mind, and I’m content with my clit locked away as it is, hehe. ?

And back to “knowing her place, and me knowing mine “, well, it is something I say pretty much to every lady with the VIBE, regardless of whether or not I’m actually going to be worshipping her.

Remember, its not the act. It’s the act of DEFERENCE that really counts when it comes to true femdom, and while you might be serving your Mistress, and her alone, remember that women in general are superior to you, boy!

“Madam, a man’s place is always at your feet, and under your shoe” (verbatim from my conversation with the regal Goddess, or should I say Empress Jojo, truly a DOMINANT force of nature to be RECKONED with)  . . .

“Madam, my place is always at your feet!”

“Madam, it’s my job to press your feet all night and buy you gifts (and more – this from Princess Joanie!)”

And so forth.

And in most of these cases, NONE of this was anything that was prompted by anything other than the look, and the vibe, and the sheer FEELING of submission, that RUSH you get that is INDESCRIBABLE, my friend – truly IS!

And for those in the know, you know what I’m talking about, hehe.

Anyway, this is but ONE of the cardinal rules of TRUE femdom, my friend and while I’ve worded it differently in the manual, the import is the same.

If you’re a guy struggling to meet the dominant lady of your dreams, or vice versa, then this manual truly will help you my friend – and here is where you can get it – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs/


Mike Watson

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