Enjoying … WHIPPING – that SLAVE!

Boy, or girl, depending upon. Hehe.

I recently watched a movie “Sobhibor” I believe, which was about the Nazi death camp by that name, and a few Russians who plan, organize, and escape (ultimtely) from the camp.

Great movie.

And Russia’s entry to the Oscars, or other movie award ceremony I believe a few years back…

Really, great movie, depicts some of the barbarism and wanton cruelty in Nazi camps very well, not to mention how they humiliate, degrade and dehumanize the prisoners, both Jews and Russians – to an extent you’d only think possible in fantasy!

Those fantasies all come from somewhere…

But anyway – I wrote about forgetting to make Rachna Ma’am’s tea in the last email?

That I did. Hehe. And then I made it, but I forgot to tell her!

Who will tell me, boy!

And she’s right.


That precious tea done got a little cold, though stronger which is good, now if Madam was a supervisor in the camp, she’d literally whip me for it, I’m sure.

Anyway – brings me to a line in the movie where a sadistic German general wants a Jew to “drink to something” and he doesn’t, saying his faith prohibits it.

And he gets whipped utterly BRUTALLY for it – over and over again.

Including on a party night where tons of Germans get drunk and they literally turn their prisoners into “horses”, making them hold carts by their hands and then making them run around like rickshaw pullers in the subcontinent, and whipping them while they do so – my, BRUTAL.

And femdom wise, of course, a perfect fantasy. Hehe.

(as is most of the other stuff in that movie, including Germans literally using jewish kids as their footstools, and more … its brutal, but REAL, and only scraping the “tip” of the iceberg in that regard).

Anyway, as he whips the prisoner, the German sighs and says (before launching into the brutal ass whipping, literally, that you know he enjoys and is finding every excuse to do) “do you think I like whipping you?

And that is why I’m writing all this!

The Japanese Queen and GODDESS incarnate that I write so much about …

I mean, its one thing to hold a whip and be into femdom. Many ladies are!

But her posts, right from the get go – have a vibe of two things.

One, a pure and perfect natural at it, two, a NORMAL girl – so she doesnts show her face, even more of a turn on – and thats because of numero “tres” – three – “because you can feel she is TRULY INTO IT!”

I mean really. Truly!

(ok, I said two things, but thats three, so be it)

But very few women are TRULY into it, much like very few men (even fewer) are truly into femdom, and getting HER into femdom when she isn’t initially.

Believe me, my “wife” was anything BUT into femdom when I met her, now, the polar opposite!

And how I did it?

Well, the tips I lay out for you in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” for one” – and the AFFIRMATIONS laid out in “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to YOU like moths to a FLAME!”

Believe me, my friend, what I say works.

Hey, my results speak.

And if you want results like mine femdom wise, and lets face it you do, or you wouldn’t be on this list, then those books are what you need to get – NOW.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – There are fewer better places than mainland china for real, natural femdom. And to read tales of REAL femdom, in REAL life – well, drop the other “excuses for femdom erotica” as I like to call that you come across so often, the plaid, stale ole same ole same ole.

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