I truly want to fuck MYSELF…

No, Sissygasm Central lovers it’s not that kinda fuck either!

Looking at THIS picture below – and some other things I’ll write about shortly, but first the pic –

(and this is a book cover that was changed since Google didnt find the initial one which is on Amazon palatable. Amazon one shows a sexy alpha male, the one on Google shows a sissy (though it showed him before) – no prizes for guessing WHO!).


Truly, this is a book that the narrator for the book (soon to be on Audible – you can hear the sheer LUST in his voice reading it – and he hasn’t even seen me!).


Those red lips, I’d kiss them forever, ROUGHLY! I’d BANG the bitch against the wall – Hehe. She is just so HOT!

My lovely older Indian maid is the only other one I have THOSE thoughts about – those arms, that dark skin, that WAIST – strong from doing labor all her life, but mostly those upper arms I wrote SO much – MY!

Madam and her upper arms are truly a turn on!!! See THIS for more… or THIS

MY!, Really looking at that picture above, my dick is so hard I almost came! (in my pants, of course. Hehe).

Now, this would not be complete without THIS picture –

Don’t those two go PERFECTLY Together?

That alpha male, I’d kiss his body and up and down, I’d kiss the OUTLINE of his dong in his underwear before taking it off – after a long time – I’d suck his nipples – and a lot more, whatever he wanted, my!

And I’d do the same to MYSELF, if you get the drift, so sexy do I look (and so handsome do I look – whichever!).


My words have been called so HOT they make people cum reading it, and looking at the above two pictures, well, you should be EXPLODING right now!

Being a switch, albeit a mostly submissive one is SUCH FUN!

Anyway, Sissy Central continues to be a bestseller for obvious reasons, so you as a sissy owe it to yourself to get this pathbreaking course NOW. It’s almost the end of the months, LOTS of you have been putting purchases off – well, that money has hit the account NOW, so go ahead buy while the “red HOT” feeling persists, my friend, the time IS NOW!

And thats that.


Mike Watson

PS – Shit, forgot to post the link to the book above. Here it is NOW – https://www.spicyanderoticfetish.com/femdom-odes/25-odes-to-alpha-males-in-underwear/

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