Why wallet raping is her RIGHT as a superior, DOMINANT female!

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Why wallet raping is her RIGHT as a superior, DOMINANT female!

Spicy Erotic

She’s always the boss, boy, and don’t you ever forget it!

She deserves the very best, and you, footboy? You deserve to grovel in front of her, and THANK her for the PRIVILEGE (it’s not an automatic right!) of being permitted to allow being “wallet raped” (and perhaps also otherwise! ;)) by HER.

And while all the women I’ve been fortunate enough to server have this dominant vibe coming off them, some have even MORE of it than others.

Princess Joanie, for one, a young and lovely Southern Belle from mainland China that had me HOOKED- before I even got down to chatting with her!

That look in the eye, that KNOWING sneer on her face, THAT curve to her lips . . . oh boy! You KNOW what I mean if you’re a true femdom lover, my friend.

Madam Angie, wallet rapist el supremo, whom I wrote about before on my site . . .

And of course, the inimitable . . . Madam Anya.

Pay her bills, boy, and you might just be WORTHY!

And she deserves every bit of it.

Anyway, I’ve often mentioned the story of Madam Pearl, and how I met her.

And of course, the lovely pink dress that I bought her — along with an associated screen shot for those of you that don’t believe the lines between fiction and reality can and indeed DO blur on occasion — — many an enjoyable occasion at that!

Buy it for me, BOY!

You’ll have to crack open Submissive Musings in Mainland China — Volume #1 to see this, and more — but for now, it bears mentioning that what Madam was initially going to buy (but didn’t have the cash for) was a facepack of sorts — curiously enough MORE expensive than the dress I ended up buying her.

I asked her how much it cost.

“Why you ask me how much he cost” (and yes — we used an online translation tool for the most part — hence, and as I often write about the hilarious translation!)

“Well, because …. ”

And before I could say it, she asked.

“You want to buy it for me?”

Said in such a direct, honest and sexy manner — much like Princess Joanie did when I asked her if she liked to shop for shoes — that I couldn’t help but get yet another raging boner — and I said yes.

Well ,long story short — she wanted me to buy her a dress first — as opposed to the face pack — and while this might seem strange, it’s not.

She was well aware of my love for her feet and legs, and she used that dress to show herself off to full glory — both in front of ME and other men — and of course, it did nothing to abate the raging lust I had for her at that point — if anything, ’twas the exact opposite!

And of course — I ended up buying her many more things after that — as I often say — the rest is history!

Anyway, I was chatting with the gorgeous Madam Anya the other night … one of many chats.

And when I asked her about shopping, here was her response.

“I did all that sort of small shopping before. I don’t really do that anymore! Now I’m more interested in property, investments, and … ”

I mentioned this before, of course in a prior email. She’s older, wiser — and so she should — and this lovely lady isn’t satisfied with mere gifts.

No, the overbearing theme of our conversations has been none other than her credit cards which “despite having no money” (as the Princess herself says!) — she manages to max out every time she uses ’em.

And guess whose on the hook for it !

You guessed it — and hey, here’s the point — she’s actually right in a way. She always is!

It’s better for her to choose her gift (her purchase) herself — and make her bitch buy it. In other words, she’s truly having her cake and eating it — and while I am not her bitch as yet — I might well be, depending upon how things proceed!

I’ve written before about findom, and my thoughts on why it can be incredibly sexy … And if you think about it, if all a lady’s gotta do is be dominant (though yes, that vibe is what counts, and what is WORTH everything! ;)) — — and show you her feet — or soles — or even just a normal pic — and have salivating men drool over her and pay her bills — — hey, why not!?

She deserves it and more — and as Madam Pearl was fond of telling me,

“I send you foot pictures, boy! Now you do my shopping. Hurry up, servant!”

The Submissive Musings newsletter (Volume 1) has more pictures of her FEET — and soles — EXCLUSIVELY for those that invest in it! 😉

’Twas indeed one of the sexiest encounters I’ve had … and one of the loveliest, most dominant ladies I’ve ever met — until Anya, that is.

She might just be THE ONE I’ve been searching for all these years — — who knows!

I’ll keep y’all posted. In the meantime, guys — remember to always be at her feet — and remember to pay her bills and do her housework while she relaxes with her feet up.

There truly is no other way! ? … And remember to kiss her feet BEFORE doing any of the above. Paying her bills is a PRIVILEGE — not an automatic right!


Mike Watson

Humiliation Central by Mike Watson!

P.S- You’re right — it IS indeed humiliating to the extreme to have to beg to pay her bills — and get nothing in return except more dominance, but YES — there are those of us that love it. There are those of us that know our true place is at HER feet — permanently — and “Humiliation Central” is but one of the odes I’ve penned to the marvelous dominance these lovely ladies exude — in SPADES (Ace of spades?? ;)). Learn more right here — — https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/humiliation-central/

P.S #2 — Paye Lagu, Princess Joanie — you’re indeed the BEST! ?

P.P.S — And yes — she deserves it — any lady with a dominant vibe does. It’s the vibe that’s worth it all — credit cards, bills, money and more! As does Madam Angie, and I just wrote about her HERE . . .

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