On Arnie Hammer, and more …

I had NO idea who this guy was until I saw the news.

Which Mike Watson does NOT read, being most of it is nonsense, and especially these days.

Unless it has the lovely Pee Cee in it, of course, or any equally lovely lady (they all are) and then I’ll read even the most inane of details which of course are never inane for sissies, such as what color nailpolish they used, and why red just “looks good!”

Along with all the girly discussions.

Such as what I asked Madam Susan the other day.

“Two men for you, Madam!”

And I giggled. So did she.

And we haven’t gone to a gay bar as yet. No. Wendy was theonly one that made me do that, hehe.

But anyway, this guy Hammer apparently sent some texts about wanting a woman to be his “slave”.

And all the associated stuff …

I’ve written about being a switch before. I’ve obviously written about the most blase and debase forms of femdom. And so forth.

So when I saw the texts, I was like, so what.

But, the last sentence caused concern.

A little.

“What if I were to cut off your toe and keep it to remind me that I OWN YOU?”

Well , myf riend, no, that ain’t on.


And while he said it, I have no idea if he just meant it as a rthetorical question. Probably so, but I dont condone it.

But the rest of it?

I really think it’s too much hue and cry over nothing.

I mean, if yours truly wants to be a slave to perfect Madam Susan, thats fine.

But if we were to switch?

Thats not OK?

Not sure why, hehe.

Goose and gander my friend …

So long as it remains SSC – and an act carried out between consenting adults!

And on that note, there have been plenty such acts carried out between myself and these lovely Chinese dames, hehe. Check ‘em out HERE.


Mike Watson


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