The sexiest foot pose ever . . .

My S.O. was sitting on the bed today, or should I say reclining . . .

In a black T shirt, and pink shorts no less, and her LEGS, and voloptous arms reminding me every damn bit of the Indian Goddess (es!) I’ve written so much about . . . !

And as a rush of a blood occurred – – both to my small head and big head, I looked at . . . well, you guessed it.

My hands are shaking as I type this, but the bottom of her FEET, those lovely feet, and those long yet somewhat voloptous LEGS . . . accentuated SO well by the pink shorts . . . cutting off at mid thigh as it were!

And in terms of my favorite foot poses, or indeed “way of life” if that makes sense to you TRUE femdom lovers, this is one of them, and the favorite by far.

The other being the giantess pose I so often promote.

Die, bitch, DIE as I often heard Madam Pearl saying, as she giggled along with her other friends and cronies-in-footboy’ism, if that makes any sense, and if you’re a true femdom lover, again, it will!

Anyway, my dick is semi hard as I type this, and I want nothing more than to drop down and worship Madam’s soles like the precious “items” they are, and for her to twist my nipples, and DENY me orgasm.

And though I want it, I’m controlling it for now, and am using that energy to WRITE to you about it instead. In any case, we were talking about something else, so it probably would not have been appropriate to bring it up at that point, but vibes do communicate, and how!

And this is the very reason the website itself shows a lady relaxing and reading a book . . . the focus being on her SOLES, criss crossed!

As to who the lady is, I’ll let you hazard a guess, my dear reader, ? but the fact is that she’s a Goddess – – and she’s relaxing in that pose and the feet and soles just call out to be worshipped.

And if you’re like Madam Portia, who once said “you’ll disturb me if you keep pressing my legs after I fall asleep, boy!” then the NEXT BEST thing to do is to remain kneeling and keep staring at those lovely soles of hers.

IMPRINT them in her mind.

Talk to her soles, boy! (thank you so much Madam Susan!)

Make sure you understand not just her, but the lowest part of her body, and literally understand what the soles are telling you!

Are they tired? Have they been encased in high heels all day? Have they been squished, like Madam Carol’s lovely feet into heels that are too tight?

And so forth.

And this, my friend, is one of the most powerful femdom conditioning tips I can give you – – by FAR!

More on this soon. For now, I’m out. I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

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