“Die bitch, die!”

So nice – I believe a certain Goddess Brittany back in the day, 2007 IIRC put out a giantess video on that.

I’ve no idea if Madam is still around, or if she’s still doing what she is, or so forth.

I do of course know a certain “Irene Boss” still going very strong, truly a pioneer is she in that regards!

Mucho respect.

But from one “pioneer” to the other” and more … anyway, this morning while I was taking out the trash, I noticed several tiny little roaches scurrying for cover behind the bags.

Reminded me of my first apartment in China, and this same problem, and why NOW, when I move into a new apartment, I ALWAYS have it sprayed first – period.

I can’t stand roaches, big or small.

And the recent “roaching” trend in dating? Hehe. Thats been going on forever, it’s just called roaching now!

I mean, people being unfaithful, not telling others about who they talk to etc – can none of us say we dont have secrets?

Or I should ask, can ANY one of us not say that about our dirty secrets?

Some so dirty that you’ll never even write about them under a pen name, much less tell others about it, though you should sometimes. Hehe.

Anyway ……….

The giantess video was an extremely sexy one, two long legged girls, tall girls stomping down on “the thing”.

DIe bitch, die!

They kept saying that as the video faded off into nothingness, it was so nice!

Giantess videos usually are. Hehe.

Anything about femdom is so nice!

And as I spoke to Princess sophia this morning, whose in a mood which can be described as “the polar opposite to feeling sexy” (she’s been giving her grandmother lots of “chest massages” for one) …

“Youre so tall, Princess! I love those long, sexy legs of yours…” 

Actually, what I said was this.

“You’re so tall, Sophia. I love that. 

With your thick legs, even better. ?

It’s funny, or maybe not, most of the girls I’ve really been with have been shorter than me.

And the ones about my height, or taller (which she’s about my height)?

Have been all so dominating!


Maybe something biological, I dont know…

I dont really have a preference either way.

But her lovely “fat legS” as she puts them, that height, Sophia is the perfect person who if I were to pass, when I will, I’d happily pass under her feet.

Die bitch, die! Is what I was thinking about as I messaged her.

“My grandmother just passed away”.

The world is a strange place, eh.

I extended my very genuine commiserations.

“If she was that ill, I know she is in a better place now”.

And perhaps she is .

And most definitely, Sophia’s “workload” will reduce a bit …

Anyway, whats this email all about.

I dont know, random musings.

Back soon!



PS – Pick up some Chinese femdom tales now. Lots of you have been laggards in that regard. RECTIFY – NOW!

(emphasis on “rect…” hehe).

(and if you’re just on this list for the free stuff, and never have any intention of purchasing a product, do me a favor please and hit unsubscribe…)

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