Sissy Confessions #3- (Master Jerome’s) dangling dong!

I mentioned Jerome – both here and in confession #2.

But honestly, truth be told, it could be anyone – any stud!

I remember a scene once with Madam Su when she picked up a lover from the side of the road (well, she saw him before at a club I believe), and even though I wasn’t fully comfortable with it (as opposed to Jerome, who was friendly enough from the get go and I liked him anyway!) she picked him up.

Nothing great to look at was he.

But he was slim, sexy – lovely slim waist, and TALL – and the minutes those pants came off (jeans) – oh my!

He had a LONG dong – and it was quite thick too. It was cut, and glistening from the word GO, and I remember his lovely pert asshole which I put my tongue into almost instantly as Su lapped away at his dong.

He had stamina too …

That scene ended with me ejaculating – furiously onto a plant, much to the amusement of Su who told me to do just that – in the past, she had made me polish her lover’s boots with my cum!

And various other degrading activities I’ve done – Priyanka for one made me brush my teeth with leftover loads, I believe – chilled in the fridge!

All such lovely ladies!

Anyway, this guy when he came for round #1 – he suddenly pulled out, and SHOT his load.

Right onto my face, it kept flowing out – not so much blasts like with Jerome, but short staccato “machine gun” bursts, and I was soon – my face – drenched in loads!

After that, he was discussing going back to work.

And as he stood there, just TALKING to Madam – my eyes were drawn to his package again!

As he walked, that long dong SWUNG!


So nice, and the balls swung too!

There is a reason they call it a DONG, my friend – it truly DONGS you on the nose like a massive, mammoth pendulum, and like a grandfather clock!

As Daddy walked casually, sex was the last thing on his mind, for me, looking at his lovely sexy ass, ass crack, his LEGS – strong long lean legs – and his DONG – most of all, his dong swinging casually, I so WANTED TO SUCK IT AGAIN!


And that is how I feel looking at dong – swinging dicks in general.

“Every swinging dick and their Mama BE out today” I remember a “coonass” friend of mine once saying… 

Anyway, so where does Master Jerome come into this – well, I mentioned in Sissy Confessions #2, I believe how I’d literally hold his penis in my mouth (I So love calling it either a dong or penis, sounds so much more better than cock or dick!) … and he’d piss after holding it in for a while (and after I just held, not sucked, just held his massive penis in my mouth for five minutes).

And so one day after that, he was drunk- and had to GO.

Like, take a massive dump.

Now, there was hardly any ass worship in terms of scat with either Madam Su or him, as readers of Cuckold Compilations and Sophia Bai know..

But that day, he was drunk.

And I still remember the dump he took, as I knelt nearby, eyes to the floor as he shat, massive logs emerging out of that lovely asshole I so worshipped, and along with that “squirts” too – like, he had to go – but had an upset stomach as well!

When he was finally done he smacked me playfully on the BACK of the head – so HUMILIATING!

Much like you’d casually slap a servant – or like, a “plaything” without even thinking about it. Someone or something that doesnt matter, like kicking a stray soccer ball on the road (no pun there!)

And he stood there in front of me, turned his back – ass – to me and spread ’em!

That lovely ass crack, asshole, all was COVERED in shit!

I knew what I had to do, of course, Madam Priyanka taught me so well!

So I did it.

I wiped his ass, kissed his butt cheeks respectfully once done, and thanked him for the honor.

He went.

I looked into the toilet, OH MY!

What a MESS!

The entire bowl was splattered, stained, even after flushing it, some of the massive logs wouldn’t flush, I had to pick up a bucket of water to dump in there to get it all to go!

Amidst all this, you might wonder how this sissy kept leaking?

Well, when Jerome got up from the toilet – the “swanging dong” again!

As he walked to the basin, his DONG – glistening with piss, long, between his legs, swung casually, it was almost like it was BECKONING ME!


And the balls swung low… thos elovely golf ball sized and shaped BOLLOCKS!

Every time I see a real man with a long dong like that, I lose control, all control!

and I just want to suck, serve …

That, friend , is Sissy Confession #3… 

And I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

PS – A task every sissy MUST complete is to pick up Sissy Central right NOW. Trust me, it is the HOLY grail for every REAL sissy out there.

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