The book that is taking the world by STORM – quite literally!

As it stands right now, I’m having it translated into French – a language I dont know beyond “Madamesoille”! and of course, cannot speak.

I remember traveling from the UK to France once – and we were sitting down to a meal of chicken or something post “ferry” – or was it a flight? Yeah, I believe flight, a teeny weeny cross channel flight . . .but there was one problem!

We couldn’t order the chicken. Menu was all in French, hehe, and how dare we speak English in the “Republic of France” as it were.

So luckily a couple of friendly Brits looked over at us, and did the translation, and all was fine and dandy with the world!

Yours truly was a lanky 15 year old looking at the French ladies legs and feet, of course. Hehe.

Anyway …

My FIRST book for this business was “Serving an Indian Goddess“.

It was actually the second book I wrote overall.

And this book is based upon Madam Priyanka – or should I say Mistress Jyoti! Who I met at the age of 19 – and who hit me like a THUNDERBOLT the minute I saw her outside the library!

That long flowing hair, those lovely FEET, those jeans …

And more!

It’s all detailed in the book, which grew from one book to three – then two massive sequels, at the end of which Mike Watson well and truly turned into … well, what he is – a cock sucker and a sissy, hehe.

And he is considering doing so in a way that you would never imagine.

But anyway, back to the book.

Portugese, French, likely Spanish soon as well.

It hasn’t been translated into HINDI as yet – any takers??

I dont know, there seem to be a lot of people from the subcontinent on the list, so if you’re interested, drop me a line, and let me know!

But this one book, along with “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” is truly sweeping the GLOBE, my friend, in different languages at that!

So is Humiliation Central, which I believe is being translated into Spanish right bout now.

But anyway, remember one thing – this site sells only English language.

If you want the books in other language, shoot me an email. And I’ll let you know links for the books in other languages, as there are literally too many to put “just here” if you get my drift!

And thats that for now.

I’ve been dreaming “pressing feet” for a while (well, I’ve been thinking intensely about it before lopping off, and we all know what happens when I do that, hehe).

I’m “out”.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Almost forgot to say, I’ve been dreaming about cocks as well. Trust me, some of my books will turn YOU into the BEST cocksucker ever – not just physically – but mentally.

Especially Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and Cuck Central!

You’ll truly see a woman, start groveling in a manner I did and do so often (see posts about Madam Lucy!) – – and BEG to introduce “sexy men” to her!

And of course, the flat stomachs, the sexy DICKS flopping about, and of course, you’ll even wonder “what underwear is he wearing”! Does it make a bulge against the pants! May I take it down!

And many other things, my friend!

And you’ll also learn how to give him bliss like never before – – and of course, experience sissy bliss YOURSELF like never before (and yes, you can use these techniques on Master too -he’ll love ’em!)

PS #2 – Thank you to ALL Of you that have been making purchases off the site as of late – all much appreciated, but please do, DO leave a review via the “review” link you get in your purchase e-mail.

Remember, if you don’t leave a review, the nuts with nothing better to do than “twiddle their thumbs” will!

And no, it doesnt have to be a 5 star review – it’s great if it is – but what I really want is an HONEST review!

And the reason for doing it via link is I cannot “modify” your review.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, as I like it!

Alright, I’m “really out” now. Hehe. Back soon!

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