Looking at Madam practicing those KICKS!

It was so nice…

I was looking at her, some lady I dont know, practicing her martial arts kicks – Muay Thai, I believe, but she could have well been doing Taekwondo too (not really – not in terms of the kicks – there are subtle differences to both styles of martial art i.e. the kicking).

Her instructor was showing her how to kick properly – how to pivot – how not to stay “flat footed” – how to move the hips – all the basics, really.

And she moved quickly, like a cat almost, towards the end of the video, they get the pair together talking about it.

And she just… is lookin delectable!

In a pair of sports shorts and a sports bra, and of course, it doesnt need much imagination to know what lies beneath.

That fair skin, those strong legs – those STRONG – LARGE thighs, the expanse of back, all of which is so seen as Madam trains…

… and me?

She giggled towards the end of the video, looking into the camera as if at “me”.

OF course, it wasn’t at me, it was likely whoever was filming it.

But it was so cute, I couldn’t help but thinking … her feet!


Those into any sort of martial art that requires kicks (most do) – know it’s usually done with the top or the HEEL – or ball of the foot!

And it’s the latter two scenarios I find most engaging!

For obvious reasons.


And of course, the way Ma’am relaxes at the end of it all!

I cannot help but think of the following –

In Ballbusting 101, ladies practice solid kicks to a man’s most vulnerable parts …

… and I keep saying, CONTROL is key!

Some of the techniques in that book, you’ll see me break it down to their barest “form” as it were, much like you break martial arts kicks down too.

And strength developed in those martial art “trained” legs – and then the kicks to the balls – or ass?

Thats one thing, slave, but the CONTROL!

Lots of people, in martial arts see the “fancy kicks”, the high flies and so forth, but do we see the control over the entire leg during the kick?

Try holding your leg up in a basic martial arts kick for more than a few seconds, its not easy, if you haven’t trained it? You wont be able to do it!

And she could likely hold that leg up there with you staring at her sole forever, and control?

With the amount of control Ma’am has over her lower legs, she could make mince meat of slave balls in such a lovely manner!


And that endeth this one.

If you haven’t already – then pick up Ballbusting 101 right NOW.

Truly the best ever of its kind out there.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

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