“Behind the long legs, there is determination. Beneath the foot, there …?”

So, I just saw something on WeChat that made my THERMOMETER – or the internal one at any rate go up a few notches, and no, I ain’t referring to the temperature notification which says that tomorrow will a few degrees warmer than today!

I’m referring to the gorgeous Madam Portia, and a video she posted on WeChat.

I think I mentioned before that this lady was into pole dancing?

Yes, I did … but if I didn’t, well, here it is again.

She is into pole dancing, and those long legs, and that lovely ass, and that LOOK in the eye was what initially drew me to her on Wechat , and we started talking (well that, and she has a way with numbers that resonates perfectly with my thoughts too, hehe).

Anyway, that’s ancient history, and so is the part about rubbing her legs at night, and she giggling that it “disturbed her”. That’s all been covered before in this email newsletter, hehe!

(If you don’t recall that part – check out the blog – all posted there!)

And today, as I saw a video from her posting her pole dance, with her as part of a troupe, all with lovely LEGS (her the loveliest though, hehe) my dick instantly AROSE, and I messaged her, as I did a few days ago when she posted a picture of HER lovely foot – shod in a lovely high heel – a black high heel, that I later reposted on Instagram, hehe.

She hadn’t replied that day, but today, as I translated what she wrote beneath her video, it came to this.

“Behind the legs there lies determination, a fierce will power to IMPROVE … “


Upon dominating the male of the species?

Improve upon being an even more DOMINANT and imperious force of NATURE than Madam already IS?

Improve upon them slaps? That lovely look in the eye? The sheer DOMINANCE, albeit sometimes indirect …

So many things, and when I asked her, and mentioned what I just have in the subject line of this email, her only response was cryptic and of course, remember, she never has to answer anything, so she didn’t!

“Your Chinese is very good!” and nothing after that.

I didn’t deny this, of course.

“Only when I see a pair of legs in front of me, Madam. Motivation!”

And while that was my response, and I obviously meant FEMALE legs, don’t be fooled.

She knows FULLY well I don’t know how to read Chinese, but am translating.

She’s doing the Chinese gal thing and waiting for me to message her back … and run after her.

Perhaps do what I did with Madam Pearl, hehe, that being to offer to buy her make up masks (facial masks actually, I believe) and not just offer -BEG.

I still remember Pearl asking me curiously.

“Why do you want to hold my bag, Michael” (when she was shopping, and I was with her, before the talk of BDSM came up – and you potential BDSM newbies – note THIS – bringing up sex or BDSM right off the bat is a bad, bad news in a vanilla relationship, and even more so BDSM).

Which is why it’s rule #1, or one of the first rules at any rate in my book on attracting female dominance to you in all its shapes, forms and guises …

And later, with a giggle,”why do you want to buy him for me?” (him is the Chinese – English translation. Hilarious, I know!)

And the rest is HISTORY, as they say!

Will it pan out that way with lovely lady Portia?

We’ll see – I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, don’t forget to pick up the first Volume of Submissive Musings where I detail findom in detail, and also EXACTLY how it went down with Madam Pearl, hehe. You will NOT want to miss this – here is where you can grab it, my friend.

All for now!


Mike Watson

P.S. – As far as the book on attracting femdom to you willy nilly, in all its shapes, forms and guises without even trying, HERE is where you can get this book. Do so NOW!

P.S #2 – Behind the long legs, there is an ASS … preferably with my tongue in it, and preferably a SWEATY one. Preferably a set of balls pounding away at her too – not mine!

P.P.S – And underneath the foot – well – I don’t think THAT will take much guessing, hehe!

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