Madam was admiring my flat stomach …

… and many have before!

But it was another dream, a lady who I wrote about before showed up – with those piercing, yet honest black eyes – that lovely dark – uber dark – Indian skin- eyes with PROMISE, despite her age – eyes that secretly check me out, even if they didnt, I felt her gaze upon me before as she cleaned…

I wrote about her before, either on this site or another one. It is an Indian lady, a maid, one of the most downtrodden lot in the subcontinent, forced to work as slaves, almost (which is terrible!) – and we all know what I think of that sort! 


But it’s all true!

I wrote about how I’d love to – and DO – worship those ladies from “downtrodden” sections of society even more, it was quite a popular post, as evidenced here!

And thats just one response, I’ve received plenty more over the ages.

Anyway ………

…. in my dream, I was changing, the cleaning lady “caught” me doing so.

And before I knew it, she passed a hand over my flat hairy strong core – stomach, specifically – and loved it.

So did I.

I almost pulled Madams strong hands (From a lifetime of labor) and her lovely dark fingers to my nipples! 


She’d know exactly what to do too!

I can feel her breath NOW on me, hot, her fingers talented and flickering, her tongue in my ear, I can feel her SMELL on my body . . . My bedclothes, all of it . . .

But anyway, why am I writing to you about this again?

Well, because guys get it WRONG.

Just like they do with femdom …

Women don’t want doormats, period – no matter how submissive you are, how you degrade yourself (how much) – it is a CHOICE which makes it important.

NO-ONE wants a doormat, period.

CHOICE is what makes all sexy and attractive!

And thats one of the cardinal rules of attracting TRUE AND LASTING  – and REAL – femdom to you, my friend, as I outline in the book on it.

Now physically?

Lots of guys get it wrong with the massive chest, massive biceps and pelican legs thing.

Even more get it wrong in terms of “were not fat, we’re big” (when they have guts hanging down to their ankles).

I’m sorry, my friend, if you’re fat, you’re fat, you’re not “big” and you won’t look athletic and sexy no matter how hard you try to convince yourself “you’re a bear”.

It don’t work that way

Sure, ladies love “bears”. I should know, I’ve been there myself!

But even there, the MIND Is key and what attracts first, and when that bear turns into a sexy man with a flat core, sides that she feels in bed, stomach that she lovingly runs her hand over once you emerge from the shower – you’ll feel it!

She might love you otherwise, probably will, but she won’t TELL you this.

Yet, that is how it works.

And if there is one part of the body you should work hard physically, friend, men especially, its the gut!

Be sexy and attractive for her, it can only be a plus – and healthwise, strengthwise too!

Anyway …………

Sissies, remember, no goose and gander here!

Madam can be as fat as she wants, no rules for her!

And Indeed, as evidenced by the rolls of fat that are just spreading daily around Perfect Pooja Memsahib… JI!’s midsection; it’s SO SEXY!

Her big fat arms, her stomach, all of it! More to worship, her MIND matters, boy!

Sissy Central covers all this and more (one of our most popular courses).

And last, but not least …

As my old ex once said.

“Honey, why is it that the slimmest guys have the biggest dicks?” 

I dont know, look at a picture of Michael Jordan for one, his “nether region” seems to be always protruding!

And it ain’t just him.

“Pang Ren Qiu Dian”

Fat man have small penis, they say in China.

It’s true metamorphically – and literally too, the more fat there is, the less blood flow down there.

The less ERECT you get.

And the less you last in bed, which for sissies is zero anyway. Hehe.

So if you want that cock to look good, and lets face it, all those studs she loves so much – they’re all slim and virile and sexy with LONG COCKS – then you MUST get rid of the flab around there. Hehe.

And speaking of cocks, pick up Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots here – another one of our life changing books (evidenced by the reviews too).

Anyway……….. in this medley of emotions, I gotta go – to take a leak. Hehe.

I dont know why I put all this here.

Well, I do, actually.

Its so … NICE!

“Tell me I’m beautiful, or else! ?” is what I saw from a “lady” (I use quotes for a reason there) this morning on Twitter.

Reminded me of Madam Tracy, my lust for her, and she sent me the same sign once.

I’ve got balls.


’nuff said!

And I told her.

“Ma’am, you’re not just pretty, you’re so NICE TOO!”

They all are, they so deserve it.

Paye Lagu … Madam, JI! (even if you’ve got a long sexy dick, the mind matters!)


Mike Watson

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