“You have a good eye for the GIRL!”

Madam Carol once told me this.

I was noticing a girl on the highway – in a toll booth in China, and she had some – very sparse – hairs on her arm!

I think I was discussing something with Carol about … “girls not having hairy arms and legs”.

In china, just so you know a lot of girls prefer NOT to shave even their underarms, legs and so forth!

The “natural look” as you might say!

I dont know, to me, it’s all so sexy!

And some of the girls I so WORSHIPPED in Sin City Diaries – these girls didnt shave either!

And I worshipped them anyway.

A polar opposite from what we “expect” in the West – but not just the Wet (West! hehe). Even in China, many girls agree that girls should be “shaven!”

Depends, really.

Carol Ma’am often instructed me as follows.

“Girls should be nice, soft, and smelling good, boy!”

“The Girl should always be nice to look at, soft to touch, and nice to SMELL!”

The last being most important. Hehe.

Lovely sissy tip that but also true.

She once gave me honey and lemon ..

“BEcause girls are sweet and soft!” (for the honey, I asked her why – it was because I had a cold, but yes …thats why). 


She made the comment to me when I noticed the hair on the lady’s arms.

“You’ve got an excellent eye for GIRLS!”

That I do, my friend.

That I do!

And I notice the smallest detail, even the waist, how straight it is, her hands and feet, I can tell if MAdam has been involved in HEAVY physical labor, and so forth …

And over the past few days, an Indian maid I’ve been saying.

I KNEW there was something about her!

Oddly enough, I hadn’t been fantasizing about her feet, or even the humiliation I write so much.

I have been thinking of Sin City Diaries, and those lovely MASSAGES – and HER doing it to me – she’s over 50, but still!

She’s got a slim, straight, SEXY waist – I barely notice the wisps of grey!

I KNEW there was a reason I was thinking that.

No, Madam hasn’t massaged me as yet.

But if she were to touch my nipples, I’d cum on command!

And … as a lady nearby asked her curiously.

“Which other houses you work in? ? 

She told her.

But she also said this.

“I massage my employer’s for one hour!”


And I kinda KNEW she did it!

I could FEEL IT!

In the past , I’ve wanted to worship maids, be humiliated by them, be SLAPPED by them, suck cock for them, everything – except them doing something for me,  but I KNEW there was a reason this lady … and now, weeks later, she herself proved it!

She’s so NICE!

And I can just imagine HER massaging me.

Somehow, although my SO doesn’t know it – YET – her body language indicates she knows exactly what I think, and how yours truly, sometimes quite ALLERGIC to maids of any nature unless it’s me, hehe (or Glyn Bozo who I love watching clean my shit up) … FEELS!

But it also proves two things, which are one and the SAME.

One, the good eye.

And two, without a shadow of doubt, if you needed any further proof, I – yes, ME – the “Real Macca of Femdom” (Mc Coy!) – am the BEST qualified to teach you how to attract femdom to YOU in all its shapes, forms and guises – BAR NONE!



Mike Watson

PS – 5 star anklets – and truly – 5 star … FEMDOM!

I’ve written about how I love anklets… my, oh MY!

But I just saw a girl with a silver anklet, that color I SO LOVE, more than gold, understated yet so SEXY – with5 stars on it!


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